YouTube Experiments New Designs To Hide Dislike Counts On Videos

YouTube is experimenting with some new designs to hide the dislike counts on the YouTube videos. However, people can still click on the dislike button, but will not be able to view the count of it.

YouTube announced about its new experiment on the twitter that says”

“In response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, we’re testing a few new designs that don’t show the public dislike count. If you’re part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks.”

Sharing this, the company also shows an image of how the new design hiding the dislike count will look.

YouTube Experiment To Hide Dislike Counts
YouTube Experiment To Hide Dislike Counts (Image: YouTube)

This seems of no use on clicking on the dislike button. However, the creators can see the likes dislike counts on their YouTube dashboard. So, that this will work only as a feedback for the creators to improve their work.

Oftentimes, some creators get too much dislikes that creates a sense of hate and discouragement. So, it looks YouTube is taking its next steps to slow down the dislike campaign. The dislikes about the videos or creators often seems influential from any community, politics, any sort of fan base and many such. So, hiding dislike count may lessen down the impact, as viewers can still show their feedback by commenting or not hitting the like button.

But the main idea behind this is to hide it from the viewers, so they will not get any idea of what others think about the video or creator.

However, currently this is only an experimental idea of YouTube, so there is no any update of hiding dislike counts to be permanent.

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