Windows 10 To Revamp “Administrative Tools” Folder As ‘Windows Tools’ For More Organized Control Panel

Windows 10 To Revamp “Administrative Tools” Folder As ‘Windows Tools’ For More Organized Control Panel.

Microsoft is working to bring various changes to the features, personalization and display settings of the Windows 10. So, in coming versions, you can expect to see those changes into effect.

While announcing the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21354 to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

The ‘Windows Tools’ Folder 

Microsoft said to be working on changing the native “Administrative Tools” Folder in Windows 10 to ‘Windows Tools‘. With this change, all the admin and system tools will be organized at one place. Currently, the Administrative tools have the system utilities and admin tools like Registry Editor, Windows Memory Diagnostic, System configuration and many more tools.

Administrative tool in Windows 10
Administrative Tool in Windows 10 Currently 

The new “Windows Tools” will bring up new control panel that will contain around 40 program shortcuts that were earlier located to the Start Menu.

Windows Tools in Windows 10
Windows Tools in Windows 10 (Image Credit: Bleeping Computer)

Adding to the change, more system tools will be moved to “Windows Tools” that are currently in the Start menu.

  • Windows Accessories,
  • Windows Administrative Tools,
  • PowerShell,
  • Windows System folders
  • Power Automate Desktop,
  • Quick Assist,
  • Command Prompt,
  • Run dialog,
  • Steps Recorder,
  • Remote Desktop, and more

However, users will still be able to run these apps via search bar on the taskbar, run commands and so on. After which, they can also pin them to start or taskbar as per their preferences.

To launch the new “Windows Tools” control panel via a command prompt, you can still use the earlier command: control admintools

Apart from that, there are lots more features to added in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21354 like, 

Introduction of Windows 10 “News and Interests” feature that will keep you updated about your news feed and weather information. Various improvement to display settings, camera settings, all known modernized Disk Management tool.


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