Windows 10 “News and Interests” Feature: All You Need To Know

In coming times, Windows 10 will get a new feature to access newsfeed and weather updates right from the taskbar. The feature is called “News and Interests”. 

In January, Microsoft announced to be working on a new taskbar widget named as
news and interests’ for Windows 10.

Currently, the feature is available to Windows Insiders Preview Build 21286 on the Dev Channel. Microsoft will be adding a full-fledged weather report along with the news feed.

With the ‘news and interests’ feature will be right on your taskbar, users will be able quickly access news feeds that interest them. This includes, news stories, sports scores, finance and weather information. So, you can sneak peak about the latest happenings that interest you.

Windows 10 News and Interests Feature
Windows 10 News and Interests Feature (Source: Windows)

However, the widget will be completely optional. So if you don’t want ‘news and interests’ to show up on your taskbar, then you can disable it.

The ‘news and interests’ on Windows 10 is like Google’ Discover that shows dynamic contents and feeds right on the Chrome on the Android smartphone. This new feature will be coming up in the next Windows 10 feature release, maybe 21H2.

As Windows 10 1909 End Of Service. Microsoft reminds users about Windows 10 1909 version to reach its end of service. Thus, Microsoft asks users to update to the latest version of Windows 10 20H2.

Windows 10 “News and Interests” Feature

For initial views, it will display news feed according to your search interests.   However you can personalize the feed by using Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge Browser News Feed
Microsoft Edge Browser News Feed (Image Credit: PCMag)

The ‘news and interests’ feature gives a streamlined reading view for the articles that seems less distractive. And you can easily switch back to your work.

Interestingly, it allows you to react to the stories via emojis.

These feeds will come up as dynamic views with headlines and images by clicking on the weather icon in the taskbar. For the stories you see, there is a new button named as “Manage interests”, which will take you to the full-page personalization options on your Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

You will see various personalize options like which stories interest you,
More stories like this” or “Fewer stories like this” and so on. As you do so, it will bring up similar stories and news feeds that interest you more.

The news and stories feed will cover up contents from over 4,500 global channels and brands like The New York Times, BBC or The Verge. Along with live weather maps to stay updated with the weather forecast.

For personalizing your feed you can also go to “My interests” page on top of the widget. There you will find and add your favorite publisher, edit interest categories like sports, finances, entertainment, science, technology and so on.

After which, you will be able to manage your topic of interests within the “Followed interests” section.

Microsoft Privacy Dashboard

Concerning the user’s privacy, Microsoft gives more control to users of how the privacy and interests will be tracked.

“Through news and interests, there is quick access to the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. Through the Microsoft Edge browser, there are built-in controls to limit tracking from advertisers and third parties. And if news and interests doesn’t appeal to you, you can easily turn it off by right-clicking on the taskbar.”

However, this feature is currently available for Windows Insiders preview in United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and India. Also, Microsoft is experimenting with different variations of the feature to provide good experience.

“Over time, we hope to bring your feed of news and interests to other places, such as in Microsoft Edge, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to stay up to date.”

Although, the feature is yet to come for Windows 10 users, so till now if you want to test or use the “news and interests” feature, then you need to join the Windows Insider program. Along with the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser (Stable) to be installed on your PC.


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