Top 6 Fix For Apps Quit Unexpectedly On Mac Error

Although, Mac OS is known for its splendid performance. However, at times apps refuse to work correctly. They may run into some issues or simply become unresponsive right in the middle of your work. In such a case, you may see an error saying “app name quit unexpectedly“.

Most of the time, restarting your Mac may fix the issue. However, if you continue to experience apps quit unexpectedly error on your Mac, then it may you into loss of productivity and time engaged in it. This is simply an annoying issue which no Mac user like to face.

But, thankfully there are 6 fixes for apps quit unexpectedly on Mac error.

Top 6 Fix For Apps Quit Unexpectedly On Mac Error

  1. Relaunch The App
  2. Restart Your Mac
  3. Update The App
  4. Delete App’s Cache
  5. Fix Permissions For The App
  6. Reset The App

1# Relaunch the app:

The first thing you should try to fix when apps quit unexpectedly on Mac is to relaunch the problematic app. As when any app crashes, Mac throws a small pop-up window that says “app name quit unexpectedly”, with options like Reopen, report and ignore. So, you should click on the “Reopen” or “Relaunch” option.

Chrome quit unexpectedly
Chrome quit unexpectedly

Trying this may quickly fix your app quit unexpectedly error on Mac. And you can carry out your work smoothly.

2# Restart your Mac:

If the above fix doesn’t work for you then don’t panic, simply try restarting your Mac. Turn off your Mac and restart it again and then launch the app again. Most of the time, this simple fix will help sort out the issue.

If the app doesn’t allow to shut down, then press Command-Q to force quit the app.

3# Update The App:

Often apps are not compatible with the Mac OS. This can either happen if you have recently upgraded your Mac version or your app needs to be updated with the latest version.

If your app has begin to crash or often becomes unresponsive after you have upgraded to Mac Monterey then, the first thing you should try to update the app.

  • Open App Store;
  • Click on the “Updates” tab from the left side bar.
    Update apps on Mac
    Update apps on Mac
  • If you see an update available option for the problematic app, then update it right away.

4# Delete App’s Cache:

If the app compatibility is not the reason behind the app quit unexpectedly error on mac, then you should simply try deleting the app’s cache. As with long usage of apps, the system accumulated lots of cache files that may raise the issue.

Its important to clear the app’s cache to put the things to their right place. Application cache are stored within “~/Library/Caches” folder. So, you need to open this location and find the cache files for the app that is crashing often.

  • Open Finder menu, Go > Go to Folder;
  • Type ~/Library/Caches path within the go to folder search field and then press “Go” button.
    Delete App's cache on Mac Manually
    Delete App’s cache on Mac Manually
  • Now, you will see app caches in folders, so open the app folder and remove files inside it. Do not remove the folder itself.

How To Delete App Cache Quickly?

In case, you don’t know about the cache files, then it is better to use CleanMyMac X that will let you quickly remove app’s cache files.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Install and launch CleanMyMac X;
  • Choose “System Junk” from left toolbar menu and click “Scan”;
    Clean App's Cache on Mac
    Clean App’s Cache on Mac
  • Once the scan process completes, click on “Review Details”;
  • Choose “User cache files” that contains most of the application;
  • Click on “Clean”.

5# Fix Permissions:

In case, if all the above fixes doesn’t work for you, and the app keeps on crashing or goes down as soon as you launch it. Then, you should try repairing the disk permissions for the app.

With continuous usage of apps, there are various changes that are made within the app according to our needs. Like their files, permissions, locations and other related data of the app. Sometimes, a sudden change can start conflicting the smooth performance of the app. So, repairing disk permissions can help restoring the files of the app to their default location.

Here’s how to repair disk permissions on mac manually:

  1. On Finder, choose Go > Utilities > then select Disk Utility;
  2. Now, choose the boot volume from the left menu;
  3. Next, click on First Aid from the top right side of the Disk Utility window;
    Repair Disk Permissions on Mac Manually
    Repair Disk Permissions on Mac Manually
  4. Click on Run to start the disk repair process. If a pop-up appears to confirm your action then click on Continue;
  5. Now, the disk repair process will start, and you will get a detailed report.

Often, its a tough task to go through internal settings of the system, as if anything goes wrong, it can turn the situation worse

It quickly runs the maintenance scripts and repairs the disk permissions in one click.

  • On the CleanMyMac X dashboard, click on the Maintenance tab.
  • Select “Run Maintenance Scripts” and “Repair Disk Permissions”.
    Repair Disk Permissions on Mac
    Repair Disk Permissions on Mac
  • Now, click on the “Run” button.
  • That’s all. Try relaunching your app.

6# Reset the app:

Before uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic app, we recommend you to try resetting the app with its default settings. As by uninstalling the app you will lose all your user data, that may hamper your productivity and time you have invested in it.

One quick way to reset app is by using CleanMyMac X, that is developed by MacPaw. You can get it for free and try out its various features.

Here’s how to reset an app using CleanMyMac X:

Uninstall and Install A Fresh Copy Of The App:

If your app is still crashing or behaving abnormally, then use should uninstall it completely and try installing it again from the App Store. You can uninstall an app from mac both manually and by using the software mentioned above.

To uninstall an app from your Mac:

  • Open Finder and choose “Applications”;
  • Drag the app to the trash to remove it;
  • And empty your trash bin. you want to delete to your Bin.

However, when just drag the application to trash, there are several of the app files and leftovers that remains on the system. These files not only consumes space but also not does let the app work properly, if you to re-install them again.

So, to do it the right way, you should remove the leftovers files, the cache and saved states of the app too. In such case,  CleanMyMac X is the appropriate software to help you out. It smartly detects all the files, leftovers and unnecessary data of the app and safely remove it from the system. This ensures that whenever you install the fresh copy of the app, it works smoothly.


Bonus Tip: Optimize Login Items 

I hope the above fixes will help you to fix apps quit unexpectedly on Mac error. However, a very important thing to mention here is to check what apps is allowed to run on startup, as too many apps running on startup may hinder the performance. So, you should check what number of apps is allowed to open at login on mac. Here, is the detailed guide on how to stop apps from opening automatically at startup on Mac.


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