The 10 Best Reddit Apps For Android In 2022

Best Reddit Apps For Android

People with inquisitive brains are always eager to learn new things. If you are an info-hungry person (like me!), you better explore the world’s most popular web network, Reddit. It helps you to grasp fresh ideas and information from a vast community.

Trust me; you will get all your questions answered!

Reddit is a terrific place to keep up on the latest news, view humorous and exciting material, and much more. Reddit is a social news assembly website with content rating, debate, and text postings. It is an infotainment universe with millions of people worldwide!

It has a vast community and millions of active individuals that share and ask about various topics. You can also join the huge community for free and create your unique feed. As well as contribute your thoughts, articles, photographs, etc. For example, if you have tried out best magsafe charger for iPhone 13, then you can share your thoughts on it and also get phony internet points here.

Let us look at the 10 Best Reddit Apps for Android in 2022 from our perspective. The official Reddit app is on our list, but several appealing third-party options exist.

Each of these applications offers its advantages, which all hinges on what you are searching for. It is worth noting that the applications here aren’t listed in any particular order, so the overall order isn’t all that relevant.

1# Reddit (Official app):

Let us first look at the official Reddit applications you can rely on. Without a second thought, the official Reddit app has to be included in our rundown because it provides all of the essentials you’d expect from a Reddit app.

The Reddit app is a straightforward, user-friendly alternative that covers the fundamentals. It is adequate for casual viewers and contains the standard set of functions. This features subreddit administration, comments, posting tools, Reddit Gold support, and many more.

Because you don’t have to grant third-party access to your Reddit account, this is the ideal option for Android users worried about privacy and security. The authorized Reddit app is free and without in-app advertisements. However, you will still view Reddit’s promoted posts.

2# Relay for Reddit:

Relay has perfected the Reddit experience on Android with stunning visuals and simple gesture-based browsing.

When viewing comments, sharing, or saving a post, swipe left. You may use the same motion to reply to, upvote, or downvote any remark. All these actions encapsulate seamless mobile Reddit browsing.

Relay has a gorgeous user interface and a ton of useful features included in Relay Pro version. This program performs excellently as well. The user interface (UI) is more streamlined than the one provided by the official app, and you may even use the dark mode here. Relay is perhaps one of the best Reddit Apps For Android which you can try out.

3# Sync for Reddit:

Another reliable option for a Reddit app is Sync. This software supports multiple accounts and has an incredibly appealing user interface.

It does resemble Relay in terms of fundamental UI design, which is an efficient element. You will find all of the bottom options as in Relay and a couple more excellent ones. You may choose from a variety of customizing options as well.

If you wish to traverse the UI, you will be required to use swipes. Moreover, the app offers a highly reliable photo viewer that supports GIFs, Gfycat, GIFV, and galleries, in addition to still images and galleries. It is also possible to incorporate a top-notch submission editor with integrated editing options.

Both the audio night mode option and the nighttime theme are included in Sync. Feedback is color-coded, and you can also change font sizes. The app’s overall performance is actually rather decent.

4# RedReader:

RedReader is a free Reddit application that lets you administer multiple accounts and supports various file types, such as Imgur files. It offers a straightforward user interface with all the necessary functions. Additionally, the app offers a night mode that simplifies viewing at night.

RedReader will save the history of the comments on your article using Memory Cache Management. Despite being entirely free, the app won’t contain any adverts. The application is open-source and free. It has a swipe-view option for easy navigation.

There are some constraints, too, such as the mediocre quality of the user interface and the fact that the videos are not silenced by default.

5# BaconReader for Reddit:

One of the top Reddit applications for Android in 2022 is undoubtedly BaconReader for Reddit. Try BaconReader if you are seeking the top Reddit applications that are simple to use and with high-end features.

This app’s user interface, which is extremely simple to use, is its key selling point. The app is simple to use and error-free.

The program provides more than 12,000 theme choices and many personalization options. Additionally, it integrates with various content websites, including, Tumblr, Gfycat, and Imgur. Besides, the color-coded comments in the conversations make it simple to explore.

The app has sophisticated filtering capabilities that make it easier to discover what you are searching for. Another benefit of BaconReader is that it allows multiple accounts. The best part is that BaconReader is available for free, but there are advertisements and in-app purchases.

6# Slide for Reddit:

Slide for Reddit is an excellent tablet option. Because it has adjustable columns and pop-up remark sections, this application is completely tailored for pill viewing. The slide is a feature-rich Reddit replacement software with a straightforward user interface.

Slide’s extensive feature set makes it simple for anybody to utilize the program and read Reddit discussions. Slide app contains all of the standard elements that make a Reddit app alternative intriguing.

It has been informed that users enjoy how Slide offers offline viewing when you synchronize your subreddits before traveling to a location with no internet.

In addition to being customizable to fit anyone’s taste, Slide comes in free and pro editions, with the latter providing additional value that the free version does not. Of course, the pro version removes the annoying full-screen advertising!

7# Joey for Reddit:

Joey for Reddit is a third-party Reddit software with a distinct user experience. It has built-in peek features that enable users to read the materials easily. The use of photos, links, videos, texts, etc., simplifies the process of viewing content.

This optimizes your interaction with Reddit content by intelligently hiding posts you have read before each time you reload the app. It saves you time by showing only the most recent posts. You could, of course, go back and read a prior post.

Additionally, the app is customized for r/science and allows you to view Ask Me Anything posts.

Even minor adjustments, like changing the text and thumbnail sizes, are possible, and you can even change the app’s color scheme.

8# Boost for Reddit:

The application Boost for Reddit is well-liked by many users. This application offers a lot of customizing options and has excellent performance.

The software offers many options, but it doesn’t go excessive. There are countless theme color choices from which to select. Therefore, it is possible to utilize a Reddit app in a variety of color schemes.

Moreover, you may pick from various layouts, including cards, micro cards, a picture gallery, a condensed list, and others. You may also download the material and filter postings based on the content.

The package also includes a widget that gives you access to the same moderating tools as subreddit moderators do. Additionally, you may change the font’s style, size, and color and save the theme presets.

9# Infinity for Reddit:

The UI of the Infinity app is beautiful. Along with the support for multiple accounts, the dark theme, and the capability to comment on threats, it has all the essential features and functionalities.

In addition, the app has a lazy mode that will automatically browse through the subreddit until it locates anything interesting to see. The best part is, it is completely free to use is another perk. Most importantly, there are no adverts on the app, making it less bothersome to use.

As per users, the dark mode of the app is stunning. Talking about the downsides, the app layout is not well designed, and there is no content filtering option. Even so, it offers the typical Reddit experience.

10# Now for Reddit:

One of the most attractive Reddit applications available in the Play Store is Now. Everything is easily accessible, and the app has a pretty good aesthetic. This can be the best option if you don’t need many functions but still want a nice-looking user interface.

It includes only the essentials, such as compatibility for various file formats, Imgur support, and Reddit Gold features. With its current design, you may swipe to switch subreddits for rapid browsing. Additionally, you are free to browse popular and trending subreddits independently.

Besides, the software provides adequate sync functionality and is simple to sync between your devices. It also has a good text editor if you throw out comments regularly.

To Conclude

Over the years, Reddit has gained a lot of popularity. It is fantastic software, mainly if you want deep discussions.

Folks use it to discuss a wide range of topics, locate nice wallpaper and APKs, and do much more. Additionally, since Reddit users share this experience, picking the ideal Reddit app should be obvious.

Even though the official Reddit app for Android is quite good, the above-mentioned third-party apps are also promising. Some of these third-party options actually provide more functions than the official app and even have more aesthetically pleasing designs.


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