Telegram Add Auto-Delete Messages, Expiring Invite Links and Widgets Options To Its Latest Update

Telegram New Features

Telegram adds a number of new features to its app that gives more flexibility to users like, setting timer to auto-delete messages, invite links for a specific time, new emojis, home screen widgets and so on. 

The company announced new features in their blog post, having said to improve the things for better usage. Due to the WhatsApp controversy over the privacy policy changes, many users switched to alternatives like Signal and Telegram. So, these apps are now introducing new features offering flexibility, ease and privacy. 

So, let’s talk about the new Telegram updates, you should know:

Auto-Delete Messages:

If you are a Telegram user, you should know that it allows setting a timer for the Secret conversations. However, with this new Auto-delete messages update for both Android and iOS users, they can now set auto-delete messages for all the chats. Users can set the time of either 24 hours or 7 days after sending them. This will apply for all the participants within the message. 

Note: Auto-delete will only apply to messages sent that the user set the timer. However, the previous messages will stay in their chat history. The countdown will start when the message is sent and not read. So, be careful with this. 

  • To enable the timer on Android, tap ⋮ > Clear History then choose a duration.
  • On iOS, press and hold a message, tap Select > Clear Chat (top-left) > Enable Auto-Delete.

To check the countdown, Android users need to simply tap on it while iOS needs to press and hold to view the countdown. 

To the very obvious, only admins will be allowed to set or modify the timer in groups and channels.

Next, an important update is for Invite links on Telegram. 

Invite links make admins to make users join the groups easily by sharing it. To add more flexibility to it, group admins can now create additional links apart from the main one. Admins can set a limit for the link, number of users and so. After which the link will expire. 

Additionally, admins can convert their invite links to QR code and share them anywhere. The new update also allows the admin to keep watch on its progress. 

To view and manage invite links, tap to open your Group or Channel’s Profile > Edit > Invite Links. Tap (⋮) or (⋯) to convert a link to a QR Code.

Broadcast Group

As of now, Telegram’s maximum limit to members in a group is 200,000. After this new update, if your limit exceeds, you can now create a “broadcasting group” with unlimited members.  And send your audio to the group members. This will surely go a broad way for the group admins. 

While only the admin can broadcast a new message, but the members will be allowed to send voice messages to the group. 

Add Home Widget For Your Favorite Chats

Telegram added a new Home Widget option for easy access to favorite chats. To maintain privacy only profile picture and name will be displayed and you can expand the widget to get the updates or read messages. 

While for Android, the messages will be up-to-date and iOS users have limitations to this. 

To add a widget, press and hold on your home screen, then tap Widgets on Android or the (+) on iOS and search for Telegram.

Apart from these, there are a lot more improved features added to the Telegram app.

  • To improve privacy and security, it added reporting to fake accounts with a feature to add additional comments. So, the company could take valid actions on that. 

  • Telegram now allows importing chats to their original date, however it is restricted to new and having 1000 messages. Sorting by original date is currently available when importing to all one-on-one chats, all newly created groups, and smaller existing groups. 

  • And of course, with any new update, we want new emoji and animations, which is obviously included in this new update. 


Hope this information was useful to you. 

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