Stretch The New Warehouse Robot Introduced by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics unveils STRETCH, a new warehouse robot for flexible and efficient logistic movements.

Boston Dynamics, a leading mobile robotics company, introduced Stretch on 29th March 2021. The new robot is dedicated to enhance the flexibility and autonomous solutions to the logistic industries.

With stretch, the company is debuting its entry into warehouse automation. As the e-commerce market has fueled up, there is a high demand for logistic automation for flexible, reliable and efficient workers. So, Boston Dynamics took its next step to logistic automation with its new robot Stretch.

Stretch The New Warehouse Robot

Stretch is designed to handle multiple tasks of the warehouse facility. Like fast movement of boxes, starting with unloading and also works well for building orders.

Stretch The New Warehouse Robot
Stretch The New Warehouse Robot

Boston Dynamics’s Stretch is built on various advanced technologies of the field of robotics. It is said to be very much flexible to acquire and integrate solutions for the warehouse facility. So as to increase the goods flow, handling multiple works resulting in cost-effective automation.

“Warehouses are struggling to meet rapidly increasing demand as the world relies more on just-in-time delivery of goods,” said Robert Playter, CEO of Boston Dynamics. “Mobile robots enable the flexible movement of materials and improve working conditions for employees. Stretch combines Boston Dynamics’ advancements in mobility, perception and manipulation to tackle the most challenging, injury-prone case-handling tasks, and we’re excited to see it put to work.”

Stretch is an omni-directional and highly adaptable that cuts the fixed infrastructure costs.

It is a highly adaptable mobile robot that allows easy movement in every direction, even in tight spaces. And can smoothly navigate throughout the facility sensing the obstacles and uneven spaces. On top of the base, there is a power unit whose on-boarding holds a charge for the “full-shift”. However, it also has the shore power option for times of continuous work flow.

Apart from the base and power unit, Stretch has an advanced sensing arm on top, having seven-degrees of movement. So, it can easily reach high to unload boxes from a truck or pallet. And arrange them in queues effectively. The arms are light-weighted having a smart grip and controls to sense variety of boxes even adapt in tight spaces.

Additionally, with its computer vision technology, Stretch can recognize the boxes without any deep machine learning training for distinct clients. Thus, it can handle back-to-back unloading and placing warehouse activity autonomously. It has a variety of cameras and sensors that helps Stretch to monitor its surroundings of what is happening, while its operation is still going on.

The new warehouse robot can navigate easily within the warehouse facility and adapt in different facility environments, which cuts the cost for fixed automation infrastructure.

Before its commercial deployment scheduled in 2022, the company seeks customers to pilot test the Stretch for various warehouse tasks. If any company is interested in Stretch, then they can apply for the Stretch Early Adopter Program organized by Boston Dynamics.


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