Sphero’s indi The New Robot Toy Car Can Teach Programming To Kids

Sphero’s indi The New Robot Toy Car Can Teach Programming To Kids

Sphero is a company dedicated to build programming robots and STEAM-based educational tools for kids. In today’s time, kids are very intelligent and they quickly understand the visual learning approach. So, Sphero transforms the way of learning for kids via robot toys that gives kids to understand the coding concepts with fun and engaging puzzles, challenge cards and colorful silicon pads.

There are many educational and robot toys build by Sphero, and now the company has come up with indi, which is a car-shaped robot toy.

Sphero’s indi The New Robot Toy Car

Sphero indi
Sphero indi

Sphero’s indi is designed with the perspective to teach kids about the basics of coding and programming. It comes with various colored- silicon tiles that is used to instruct indi to where to go, when to stop, speed up and so on. Thus, allowing kids to create puzzles and mazes, and logically solving them.

The kids can control indi’s actions via the silicon colored tiles, like green tile says “to go faster”, red says to “stop down”, blue says to “to turn 90-degree left” and so on. The indi has color-sensor to detect the color tiles and act accordingly.

More interestingly, to make to challenging it comes with a challenge card with a question mark. This means a missing tile, so the kids need to figure out which color tile should be there to get indi reach its destination and earn a celebration card.

The indi can be helpful for kids even they are not verse with a phone/computer. As it works without them also, with its complete set of learning tools. Also, for kids of growing age, there is also Sphero Edu Jr App that powerful programming blocks allowing kids to customize the actions of indi.

Price and Availability of Sphero’s indi:

There is two kits available for indi, which is currently is in pre-order phase, and the shipping is expected to start from September 2021.

For an individual student kit that includes 1 indi robot car, a case, 20 silicon color tiles and 15 challenge cards, costing $125.

While, the class kit includes 8 indi robot car and learning materials for 8 students with separate cases and a bulk charging case costing $1,200.

Sphero indi 2022 update:

Sphero Indi at-Home Learning Kit is a STEM-based learning Robot, that allows kids to stay away from screen. This robot toy is suitable for kids above 4 years. It helps learning code, problem solving, enhances computational thinking. 

Now, get Sphero indi on amazon for $100.

As the education and learning patterns are charging, its time to recreate the model and make the kids future ready.

Sphero has already various other robot toys like:

Sphero Mini which is an App-based programmable Robot Ball, suitable for kids aged 8+ that lets use the Edu app to code, game and drive. You can get this playful learning Sphero Mini ball for $50.


Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini

Other advanced version of Sphero Mini is Bolt and SPRK+ (size of a baseball) that has lots of potential make kids learn the programming and coding in a fun and engaging way. The growing minds are very fragile, but they have to power to grasp the tricky things when explained in an innovative way.

Also, if you want your kids to use the iPad, computer/laptop in an productive way, then you should try it.


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