Microsoft Edge Gets Kids Mode To Enhance Child-Friendly Content

Microsoft Edge Gets Kids Mode

Microsoft is adding a new ‘Kids Mode‘ feature to its Microsoft Edge browser. Concerning a safe browsing environment, this new feature will help showing more kids-friendly contents.

Due to the current crisis, children and parents are much more dependent on digital contents. So, kids are bound to spend more time browsing the web, gathering contents and so on. This often exposes children to irrelevant or unsafe contents.

To ease this, Microsoft is rolling out a new “kids mode” to its Edge browser. With kids mode on, parents don’t need to set any parental controls or keep a keen watch on their child’s activities. While this mode is on, it creates a safe and child-friendly environment.

What To Expect With kids mode

The “kids mode” targets the children of ages 5-8 and 9-12. Various features of the mode includes:

  • limited browsing experience,
  • Bing SafeSearch,
  • child-friendly content and,
  • restricted access to family-friendly sites.

Best part is, to use this mode, you don’t need to set up any parental control, Windows family mode or other software.

To enable “kids mode” on your Edge browser, just click on the profile icon, and choose ‘Browse in Kids Mode’. 

Microsoft Edge Gets Kids Mode
Microsoft Edge Gets Kids Mode

Once you enable this mode, the Edge browser will transform into full-screen mode with Bing SafeSearch. Additionally, it also displays a family-friendly wallpaper and quick links to popular or favorite kid sites.

Another good thing about this, when you need to exit the kids mode, it will ask for the password, which ensures the child cannot exit without parents consent. The feature is now available to Edge Canary and will also soon be rolling out to Edge Dev channel.

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