Logitech Introduces Scribe An AI-Powered Whiteboard Camera

Logitech Introduces Scribe An AI-Powered Whiteboard Camera

The tech world is changing and the hybrid workspaces are the becoming the new normal. However, to make this work mode successfully, a robust hardware and software solutions are the prerequisite for remote working. So, many more tech giants shifting their focus towards developing solutions for video conferencing. To make them more productive for the businesses either big or small. Even now this hybrid culture is transforming the education and learning systems.

To take this ahead, Logitech has introduced a Scribe which is an AI-powered whiteboard with camera.

Logitech Scribe- An AI-Powered Whiteboard Camera

Logitech Scribe may simply look as a whiteboard on which you can draw with a marker. However, the new thing is that, it has a camera mounted on its top and a wireless button that lets you share the whiteboard while video conferencing.

Logitect Scribe AI-powered whiteboard Camera
Logitect Scribe AI-powered whiteboard Camera

The Scribe can capture the whiteboard from upto six-by-four feet and with the help of AI technology it renders the presenter transparent. So, the viewers will get the full picture of the Whiteboard remotely without the hinderance of the person presenting it. Additionally, it uses intelligent detection system to detect any other objects stuck on the Whiteboard be it any Post-its so on. Also, the intelligent Whiteboard Scribe can show different colors of the markers well.

“We’ve obsessively worked toward solving the problems of providing high-quality audio and video collaboration in both meeting rooms and remote desktops, but there remains a gap in integrating non-digital content like whiteboards, or Post-its™ into virtual meetings,” said Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president, Logitech Video Collaboration.

The Logitech Scribe costs you $1,119 which includes all the setup equipment like mounting, power supply, and “category cables for deployment at scale”.

Price And Availability

Logitech Scribe is already compatible to popular video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The Scribe broadcasts the whiteboard content “virtually transporting” to video meetings to everyone in the same room or remotely.  While the wireless button currently works for Zoom Rooms, and the support for Team Room will come later this year.

However, Scribe can also work as a “USB content camera” that can be used with any video conferencing apps. Logitech’s Scribe offers flexibility for classrooms, meeting rooms and even fit for home or hybrid office workplaces.


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