LG Pledges For Three Years Of Android Updates To Premium Phones

Good News For LG smartphone users, as the company announces to provide three future Android OS updates.

LG Pledges For Three Years Of Android Updates To Premium Phones

Earlier this week, LG announced quitting the smartphone business to move its focus to growth areas like EV components, robotics, AI and B2B solutions. Despite moving on, LG will continue to provide support to their customers.

LG announced today that their premium smartphones will get three iterations of Android OS update from the year of purchase. This will be effective for the smartphone currently in use and for the new buyers too.

Which smartphones series eligible for three iterations of Android OS update?

LG smartphones like V and G series, Wing and Velvet released in 2019 or later will be getting Android updates from their year of release. However, certain models which came in 2020 like LG Stylo and K series will only be getting two Android OS updates.

However, this news came to as surprise as LG is not known for releasing Android updates, even when it was in the smartphone market.

Additionally, LG said to have continue manufacturing smartphones till the Q2. Reason said to “meet contractual obligations to carriers and partners”. So, people can still buy LG phones that are in the inventory as well as to receive customer support and security software updates. However, these updated will be offered for “a period of time for certain devices”.

LG V70 Rumored Smartphone

With V60, the V-series LG smartphone released in February 2019. There are rumours of LG V70, which could be released as next iteration of V60. The company first teased about the LG Rollable which is a side folding display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021.

Soon after the company’s announcement of existing the smartphone business, a tweet came from a tipster @FronTron that leaks the image of LG Rollable smartphone.

The tweet reads as “The first image is the real LG Rainbow (V70) The second image is a FAKE RENDER CREATED FOR FUN by a Korean user in a local community. And the specs in the third image is also an IMPOSSIBLE SPEC CREATED WITH IMAGINATION. The real spec is way lower than this.”


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