Instagram Stories Will Now Have Caption Stickers, Check Out How to Use It

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will auto transcribe speech in Instagram Stories.

This will allow users to let view real-time captions/subtitles while viewing any story on Instagram. The new features are added within the sticker options as Captions.

Although, the new sticker option is only available in English and English-speaking countries currently. However, the social media company will soon start rolling out the feature in other languages and countries.

Yesterday, Instagram announced with tweet about the Instagram Stories to be soon have automated subtilties/captions.

Instagram’s caption feature is already available for IGTV and Threads App. But now, Instagram will also soon start testing automated captions for Reels too. The feature increases Instagram efficiency to watch and listen to stories, IGTV and Reels even people having difficulty in hearing.

Not only that, the automated captions are very helpful if you are watching videos in different languages or want to watch videos without turning on the sound.

Users will have the flexibility to change the style and color of the automated captions within the Stories. As well as, they can even edit words within the captions if they are not accurate according to spelling, grammar or punctuation.

The only lacking feature of the Story Sticker Captions is having no option for text highlight. This indeed a useful feature captions should have, as they make better visual experience and more understandable. However, you can still use a draw tool for easy watching and listening.

How To Use New Captions sticker feature To Instagram Stories?

The New Caption sticker feature is easy to use.

  • Choose or create a Story you want to Share on Instagram;
    Before sharing, you will see “stickers” button within the preview page;
  • Click on the Captions button to add it to your Instagram Story;
  • Now, the New Sticker Captions will automatically transcribe the audio to text. You can also edit the color, display, shape of the caption.

So, now your Instagram Stories will show Captions.


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