HTC VIVE Facial Tracker Translates Real-time Facial Expressions Into VR

HTC announces The Vive Facial Tracker that can capture 38 facial expressions and movements and translate them in real-time VR experience. The expressions include gestures of lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, cheeks, and chin.

The facial tracker when paired with VIVE Pro Eye can give a real-time tracking of the whole face. This is surely something new to experience in virtual reality.

HTC announces a new face tracker to its Vive VR headsets line of products. Known as “Vive Facial Tracker” can capture face and lip expressions and render them onto VR headsets, giving a real-time experience. The new Vive Facial Tracker will cost you $129.99 as an accessory for the Vive Pro VR headsets. The product is although launched in the global markets however, will be available in the US from 24th of March.

HTC Vive Facial Tracker

According to HTC, it has dual cameras that capture gestures of full lower-face from all the angles under 10 milliseconds. Vive Facial Tracker can also capture movements in low light via infrared illuminators. The real-time expressions can render back at a refresh rate of 60Hz.

So, the device can accurately capture your lip movements and within seconds it can show you into your VR headsets. There are also various VR avatars, who can choose to view the expressions.

HTC announced testing a prototype of the facial tracker in 2019, and was teased with twitter on 8 march as “Express Yourself”. It was showing a lip-tracking module for Vive headsets.

Among some VR game developers, Frooxious has uploaded a video in YouTube showing the Neos VR that supports full features of Vive Facial Tracker.

“Neos VR has a full native support for the new Vive Facial Tracker, giving any avatar a huge level of natural expressiveness and ability to script behaviors on top.”

HTC Vive Facial Tracker Compatibility

However, the product is currently compatible with Vive Pro VR headsets. That seems the company is not likely to be more focused on consumers as in its “ Vive cosmo” series. The HTC Vive facial tracking seems to be more focused to market it among the developers. As they can use the new module to create more real-time expressions and transformation them into actions to their VR.

According to HTC, the product works its best with the Vive Pro Eye headset that gives full-face tracking.

Despite its compatibility limitations, it’s going to change in VR technology. HTC is not the only one who is transforming the next generation of VR headsets with real-time facial expressions.

Even Mark Zuckerberg has announced that its Facebook’s VR Oculus is focusing on capturing eye and face expressions in the coming future. As well as it will be releasing more real-life avatars, that is definitely the need of VR.

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