HTC May Announce Two New Enterprise Edition VR headsets at its Vivecon event This Month

HTC May Announce Two New Enterprise Edition VR headsets at its Vivecon event This Month

HTC may unveil its two new enterprise-focused VR headsets at its Vivecon Event that is expected on May 11-12. Like Apple’s April event, it will also be a virtual Event, due to the current pandemic crisis.

According to Protocol, the company may announce Vive Focus 3 Business Edition and Pro 2 which is a high-end PC VR headset. These are focused on enterprises that are said to be available at the end of this month.

Earlier, HTC was working on Facial trackers to its Vive VR headsets line of products. Known to be a “Vive Facial Tracker” which can capture face and lip expressions and render them onto VR headsets, giving a real-time experience. Various game developers sees this as a game changer in the field of Amines and virtual characters having real-time experience. While, the Vive Pro VR headsets are more for gaming purposes.

But the new high-end Vive Pro 2 and Vive Focus 3 Business Edition is reported to be focusing on enterprises.

HTC teases with some interesting photo and tweets

As the Vivecon event is in less than a week, HTC is teasing with new glimpses of products which show a black device with two outward-facing cameras. The arrangement of the cameras are all corner arrangements.

Vive headset tease
Vive headset tease (Source: roadtovr)

Although, there is not much details about the new Enterprise-focused products. The company go on with some more teasers on the tweeter as “let’s get down to business” , revealing the hardware of its new product. As the tweet is about business, it seems that the headset may focus on enterprises.

HTC also revealed a prototype of a standalone VR headset named as Vive Proton, in early 2020. However, after that there was not much information relating to its launch or specifications. So, it looks, this can also be included in the coming HTC Vivecon Event may 11-12.

Vive Air is HTC’s Take on Facebook’s Oculus Quest

HTC is long planning to launch a new standalone headset at sometime this year. Various reports and speculations says that it can be HTC’s take on Facebook’s Oculus Quest. Recently, HTC revealed design of fitness focused Vive Air, that even won a reward for its design. However, the company told UploadVR that it is just a device concept “the design language has elements and inspirations you’ll see elsewhere in our products.”

The HTC Vivecon Event May 11-12

As the HTC Vivecon Event is scheduled on May 11-12, you can register online for the free online event. The company marks the event as Vivecon Event “Next Level VR”. The event will be debuting with game-changing VR headsets, new software, and platforms that seem to take the VR experience to the next level.

Besides the headsets, the Day 2 will have various discussions with “industry experts, strategic partners, and special guests.”. As well as various collaborations in the heath, design, visual, remote work sectors and many such.

You can register yourself for the Vivecon Event May11-12 here.


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