How Video Content Marketing Can Help Improve Your SEO In 2022

It’s an undeniable fact that, the recent years saw subsequent rise in video contents. Although, YouTube was ruling the video content market until 2019, but the Tik Tok trend lured people into reels and short clips.

Now Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube have launched their own reels/shorts feature that lets people upload 15 seconds clips with background music and effects.

This shift from blogs to videos compelled companies to upload reels on their social media account to promote their products and services. Now a days, you can pick up any brand and you will see their product videos and reels on YouTube and Instagram.

There are over 1 billion Instagram users currently and out of which 91% of them watch videos daily and weekly. According to research, people are more interested in a brand after seeing Instagram stories or reels. So, if you are website owner or having a product to promote then you should know about the Instagram marketing trends of 2022.

In this fast-paced world, many people don’t have the time and patience to read blogs to the end. But they enjoy binge watching reels and clips on Instagram and YouTube. Brands make use of this addiction of people and advertise their products through short videos.

But the big question is – how and why video content marketing is crucial for SEO in 2022?

Let us dive deeper to understand how video content can affect your website’s SEO.

How Video Content Marketing Can Help Improve Your SEO In 2022?

1# Video Content To Increase Your SERP Rankings:

Google’s algorithm is changing at a rapid pace to compete with the ever-changing consumer preferences. Now Google SERP includes FAQs, videos, reviews, images, People also ask, local search results, snippets, news, shopping and more.

How Google Uses Videos in its SERPs?

When Google evaluates which web page to show you first, it focuses on two key factors.

  • First is the quality of the content.
  • Second is its relevance to other readers.

To determine these two factors it analyses through the content and media of the particular page.

By content or media, we are not only referring to blogs but also videos and embedded video links. If the video on your website gives an accurate answer to the user fed keyword, it will show your video on top of the result page.

But you will have to offer quality video content that solves people’s queries. 80% of the consumers prefer to watch a video for a product demo, tech support or solving everyday quests like best STEM educational robot toys for kids.

Try searching “how to use AirPods”. You will see tons of video results at the top of the Google search results page offering airport guides, AirPods tips and tutorials.

Does Google Only Use YouTube Videos?

One thing to note here is that it is the YouTube videos we referring to here. When it comes to SERP rankings, it’s only YouTube. Instagram reels can help increase your followers and advertise your products. It can send people from your Instagram account to the website indirectly increasing traffic, brand awareness and sales.

Embedding your web page with your YouTube video link generates a link in the results with a video and description. It makes it more appealing on the results page attracting more clicks and visits.
YouTube witnesses over 122 million active users who spent around 1 billion hours watching video content daily. Google took this number seriously as a significant change in the users’ content consumption.

2# Video Quality Is An Important Factor:

The company came up with the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013. What now we see is a more advanced version of the Google algorithm that focuses on the user’s intent behind a keyword.

However not every video is informative and relevant to the users’ keyword. But you will have to offer quality video content that solves people’s queries. Even if you are putting your 100% into creating high quality and engaging videos, a wrong marketing strategy could drown all your efforts.

Video content marketing strategy help in curating successful strategies to optimize, increase organic traffic, convert leads into sales and increase brand awareness.

3# Videos For Longer Dwell Time:

If you think from a users’ viewpoint, you spend a few seconds or a minute on a website. If you don’t find it interesting or relevant you skip it.

As a brand, you don’t have much time to capture your consumers’ attention with merely words. What you can do is include engaging images and videos to make content more interesting.

People will spend time and explore your website only when they find it useful, engaging and interactive. Videos have the power to hold people’s attention within 4-5 seconds of its start. So, they will spend 2.6x more time on content with videos than without them.

How Longer Dwell Time Generates More Traffic?

From an SEO standpoint, the longer the session the longer the dwell time. Moreover, if people spend more time on a single webpage, they are more likely to navigate through your other pages as well. This increases customer engagement with the brand and its products.

Approximately 87% of marketers find videos generating immense traffic to their websites. A 1-minute video can convey what would have taken 1.8 million words in text format to communicate.

You can even add an introductory video on the Homepage to retain your visitors. According to Invisia, including video on your landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%.

For example, if you see the homepage of The Yacht Company, you will be mesmerized by a video portraying beautiful scenery along with conveying its brand vision.

4# Video Generates Traffic From Multiple Source:

When it comes to traffic generation it not only comes through the Google SERP page. You can get traffic from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter by sharing your video contents.

There is a reason why B2B and B2C businesses are investing more in video content. You will find all successful brands present on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

How Videos Attract More People To Your Website?

A reel of your product on Instagram can pull people in visiting not only your social media account but also your website. An interesting 15 seconds reel could actually compel people to explore other products as well.

The more video content you create on social media channels the more it expands your reach and improves your website’s SEO. If you haven’t tried your hands on creating video content, then the best way to use a video creating tool like Invideo, that lets you choose templates, stock images, add audio, transitions and texts.

Create Videos With InVideo
Create Videos With InVideo

How Videos Increase Your Clicks?

Video content is also helping in increasing the click-through rate. Rich snippets take your video visibility at the top of the SERPs. Snippets give users an idea of what they will find on the page without clicking it.

To stand out in the SERP, your video must have a unique snippet and thumbnail that gives an overall idea of the video. It should be catchy so that people can’t resist clicking it. A video with an engaging thumbnail and quality snippet wins more clicks.

5# Higher Conversion Rate With Video Content:

80% of the marketers accept that video content marketing strategy has, directly and indirectly, increased their sales.

Visuals are more engaging and eye-catching than words. A visual representation of your products will lure the customers more than words. A cosmetic company can weave paragraphs about their newly launched Blusher. But a short video of the Blusher showing the blush adds a touch of pinkish glow to the cheeks can make girls go crazy about the product.

Think for yourself. Will you be attracted to buy the Blusher by reading a blog or by watching its video? It’s definitely the video that gets to your mind and lures you into buying.

When people visit to buy the Blusher on your website, they may explore and buy foundation, creams, lipsticks and other products.

6# Videos Are More Compelling:

79% of the consumers say they get interested in the software of the product after watching its video. The video captures people’s attention in a short time as compared to blogs.

Videos can strongly convince people to buy the product. A clothing brand can actually show how charming an overcoat looks on a model through a video. It forces you to reimagine how cool the overcoat will look on you. Ultimately you end up buying it.


Credit to the popularity and people’s preferences to watch videos is a part of every successful brand’s marketing plan.

Videos have frequently demonstrated their capacity to promote brand visibility online, drive more visitors, and improve website rankings in search engines’ eyes.

However, you must ensure that you have a goal-oriented strategy and quality content or get help from the best content writing agency to curate one for maximum SEO benefits.


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