How To Track Your Mobile Phone Via Gmail Account?

Today, mobile phones is one of the most important gadget we need to carry everywhere. So, its hard to resist if you have lost or forget your phone somewhere. Oftentimes, even when we are at home, any friend’s place or any public place, you may leave your phone accidentally.

But with technology advancement and the easy access of internet everywhere, you can track your mobile phone. As we know mobile phones particularly the Android ones are connected to a Gmail account. Although, your Gmail account makes your online existence easier and improves your experience for the majority of internet-related activities.

But do you know, it helps track your phone quickly and allow your device to ring and even secure it, if it has been stolen.

In the case of Android phones that require a Google account to run (there are some exceptions, for instance, some Huawei phones). Google will always have access to your location and management of those devices.

The device management area in the account management section allows you to view devices that are associated with your Google account. It applies both to your personal G Suite account as well as those you may have for your workplace.

So, in this blog we will explain you how you can track your mobile phone via Gmail account.

How To Track Your Mobile Phone Via Gmail Account?

If you have a Gmail account linked to your Android phone, you can track it down using Find My Device. However, the Gmail location tracker can only be used under certain conditions to locate your lost phone.

Hacking Gmail is also the best way to locate lost mobile phones. There are many ways anyone can hack someone’s phone remotely.

In other words, Gmail Phone Tracker is a reliable tracking method, but as stated above, there are some points to keep in mind first.

  • If you want to track your phone, you can use the “Find My Device” feature through Gmail. Android users are already connected to Google’s phone location service via a Gmail account, which is common among Android users.
  • Additionally, you need a second Android device or PC with your Gmail account signed in, in order to track your phone. That’s the only way to do it.

Preparations Needed Before Using Gmail to Find Lost Phone

In addition to that, you should also be aware that the service has some limitations if you are using it to find phones on Gmail.

You need to prepare by performing the following:

  • Enable Location if it’s not already.
  • Turn on Find My Device Feature.
  • Ensure that the device is turned on.
  • The device has an internet connection.
  • Visibility on the Google Play Store

What is Find My Device Feature?

Find My Device is a featured offered by Google that uses your device location to track down your devices. Most Android phones now have Find My Device built in. You can track your phone’s location with this service, which will automatically figure out where your phone is if it’s lost, ring your phone if it’s nearby, or lock and/or erase it if you suspect it’s been stolen.

To make sure your phone can be found if it is stolen, make sure you set it up before it goes missing. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding it. The IMEI and serial number of your phone should always be readily accessible.

Cellular towers register your phone by using its IMEI number, which is its unique identifier. Dial *#06# from the dialer on your phone to find out your phone’s IMEI number.

In the settings section of your phone, you can find out its serial number.

Click on Settings -> About phone and you should see it there.

In the event that your phone is stolen and you need to lodge a police complaint, this information is useful.

Using The Find My Device App To Track Lost Phone With Gmail Account

If you lose a phone, you’ll feel powerless to deal with the situation. Fortunately, Find My Device offers several features that are designed to help you locate your phone.

Location Tracking:

As soon as you switch on your phone, you can see its current location on the app’s portal. With this location, you can use Gmail to locate your phone and get it back to where you dropped it.

Play Sound On Phone:

There is a possibility that you dropped the phone somewhere nearby if you remember having it with you a few minutes ago.

You can use Find My Device to play your phone’s ringtone remotely to locate your phone instantly. To play the sound, you have to tap the Play Sound button, which appears prominently on the screen.
When you locate your phone, you should be able to turn off the ringtone remotely by clicking on Stop sound.

Even when your phone is in silent or vibration mode, you can activate this feature. It is highly reliable.

Secure Device:

A phone that doesn’t ring when you play the sound has likely been dropped somewhere far away. Using the Secure Device feature along with the location tracking feature, you can track the phone.

Using this option, you can display a message that will display on the screen of the lost phone and provide the number where the call can be picked up.

How Find My Device Feature Works?

With Gmail, you can start tracking your lost phone either by downloading the Find My Device app on your phone or by visiting the Find My Device website.

How To Use Find My Device To Track Mobile Phone
How To Use Find My Device To Track Mobile Phone

How To Use Find My Device Website To Track Mobile Phone

  • Visit and sign in with your Google Account. It should be same that you used to login on your mobile phone.
  • Next, from left menu, you will list of devices connected with the account. Click on the device which you have lost.
  • The app also shows an approximate location, it was last seen.
  • The Find My Device gives you options like Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.
  • Choose the first option “Play Sound” that rings your Phone for 5 minutes, even if your device is in silent. So, you can find it and then stop the ringing.
  • Also, use the location tracking to know where you left it.
  • If you think your phone is stolen, then choose to secure device or erase it.

How To Use Find My Device App On Another Android Device?

  • Download Find My Device from play store.
  • You will need to use the same Gmail account you are signed into on the lost phone when you sign into the app on the phone that you download on your phone.
  • Then select Continue as “your name“.
  • Tap on Sign in to complete the sign-in process. Next, you must enter your Gmail password.
  • In the Find My Device app, tap on WHILE USING THE APP to grant the Find My Device app access to the location.
  • Next, steps are same as above.

Frequently Asked Question Related to Find My Device App

How To Enable Find My Device on Android Phone?

How To Enable Find My Device on Android Phone
How To Enable Find My Device on Android Phone
  • Open Your Device “Settings“;
  • Click on “Google“;
  • Select “Find My Device” Option;
  • Tap “on” toggle button to turn on Find My Device.

How To Check If My Phone Location Is On?

How To Check If My Phone Location Is On
How To Check If My Phone Location Is On
  • Open Your Device “Settings”;
  • Tap “Location” option.
  • Toggle the button to turn on “Location”.

How To Check Visibility on Google Play Store?

if you device is hidden on Google Play Store, then it will not show in the Find My Device. So, check if your device visibility is on.

  • Open
  • Under My Device section, you will see list of device added with your Google account.
    How To Check Visibility on Google Play Store
    How To Check Visibility on Google Play Store
  • So, click on the “Visibility” checkbox, next to your device.


Mobile phones are easily tracked via Gmail but you have to understand how. All the above-mentioned tips are useful for doing so. How do you link our blog? Please mention that in the comment section below.


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