How To Stop Safari From Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo?

If your safari redirects to yahoo, then your is likely to be affected with some adware/malware. 


It’s obvious that you blame Yahoo for the constant redirects despite trying several time to revert the browser settings. But, many users does not know that it happens due to your browser hijacked by some potentially unwanted program. They arrive in various forms like extensions, plug-ins, toolbars, search engine that manages to change the default search preferences.

As, the browser hijackers or the so-called search engine pretends to deliver useful results. But they are not even capable to generating their own search results. So, they usually take advantage of the custom search by Yahoo, Bing and Google to deliver the end results. They run bad script in the background that results in safari redirect to yahoo.

Safari Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo
Safari Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo

So, precisely its not a virus, but the actual reason being is a browser hijacker taking control over the browser. Eventually managing the search preferences that leads to the redirection. So, no matter how many times to try to revert back the settings, safari keeps redirecting to yahoo.

The program controlling the settings is aimed at manipulating the search query to inject shady advertisements on top of the results page that appears as “sponsored ads”

Not only that, the adware/PUA also tracks the browsing data which includes IP address, search history, cookies, URL visits and more.

Thus, if you want to remove yahoo search from safari, then you should first remove the adware/malware controlling the settings.

Why does Yahoo keep opening in safari?

As mentioned above, fake search engine takes advantage of Yahoo, a popular search engine to make its own profit. As it happens without the consent of users, thus the term is used as “Yahoo search redirect virus”. Suppose an infamous search engine called “SearchMine” that targets Safari users. So, if your browser/system is controlled by this extension, then you see your default homepage as

Further, the queries send to this fake search engine will act as an intermediary to capture the keywords and starts redirecting to multiple sites. And eventually the results are generated using Yahoo search. Any clicks made via this redirect are intended to drive revenue for such sponsored sites.

This is only one example, but there are plenty of such programs that are responsible for the Yahoo redirect on safari. For example:

  • search.safefinder[.]com
  • Chillsearch[.]xyz
  • Searchbaron[.]com
  • search.chill-tab[.]com
  • search.tapufind[.]com
  • search.searchpulse[.]net
  • search.anysearchmanager[.]com.

Why does my search engine keep changing to Yahoo on Safari?

If your preferred search engine, like Google keeps changing to Yahoo on Safari, then your Mac is likely to be affected with malware. So, the best solution to remove yahoo search from safari is to reset your Safari settings to its defaults.

There are possible reasons, how your Mac got infected with Malware that causing Safari redirects to Yahoo search.

Software Bundling:

Adware distributers generally use software bundling method to promote free programs, that can be a video downloader, media convertor, PDF editing, fake Mac optimizer and so on. There are various free software download sites which users need be care of while installing the freeware.

Fake Programs Triggers Yahoo Redirect on Safari
Fake Programs Triggers Yahoo Redirect on Safari

These comes concealed with additional program bundled within the main installer. Thus, if users skip the custom/advanced installation option, and opt for default one, then such program gets automatically installed without seeking further permission. When installed, these adware kind of programs targets the browser by silently modifying the default settings. So, you suddenly start noticing an unknown homepage, new tab and search engine set as default.

Thus, users should stick to the Mac store or official sites to download the software programs.

Clicking On Pop-up Ads:

Pop-up ads are everywhere on the browser and its an integral part of the online monetization system. Well, ads may not be severely damaging if it is from a verified sources and not using any bad scripts. But most of the ads on compromised website, do encourage users to perform actions that does not go well with system’s security and privacy.

Like, they show pop-up alerts asking to perform a short survey to claim a reward, flash player updates, tech scams, recommendation of any free extension and so on. If you are not cautious of clicking on ads, then it can download annoying stuffs on your Mac.

So, now that you know what may be the possible causes your Safari is automatically redirecting to Yahoo, them it the time to fix it.

How To Stop Safari From Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo?

  1. Remove Adware, Malware and Potentially Unwanted Program From Mac.
  2. Remove Fake Extension and Homepage Causing Safari Automatically Redirect To Yahoo.
  3. Clean Up Safari To Stop Safari From Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo.
  4. Run Malware scan To Stop Safari From Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo Virus.

Let’s stop Safari from automatically redirecting to Yahoo, by following these workarounds.

Step1: Remove Adware, Malware and Potentially Unwanted Program From Mac

The foremost thing you should do is to remove the source which is causing the Safari redirect to Yahoo. So, find and remove unknown apps from your Mac.

  1. On the Finder window, click Go→ Applications;
  2. Look through the Application window to find unknown programs like QuicklookPI, LeadingSearchService, TopResults, GeneralOpen, GSearch, Qsearch and similar like these;
    Remove Adware From Mac
    Remove Adware From Mac
  3. Right-click on the app name and choose “Move To Trash“;
  4. After that, click on the “Empty Trash” by right-click on the Trash icon on your dock.
  5. Next, choose Apple menu→ System Preferences → Profiles
  6. Check for any unknown/fake Profile, select it and click on (—) minus button in the bottom.
    Remove Fake Safari profile
    Remove Fake Safari profile

Note: After removing any applications, its important to remove its associated files from various location of the system. So, you can either manually remove them by location the files and folder or use an expert tool like CleanMyMac X that lets you easily uninstall applications and its files easily.

  1. On Finder menu, choose Go > Go to Folder
  2. Type ~/Library/LaunchAgents in the search box and click Go; 
  3. Now, find any suspicious items related to apps you deleted above. If found move them to Trash.
  4. Do the same for other locations:
    • ~/Library/Application Support,
    • /Library/LaunchAgents
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons
    • /System/Library/LaunchAgents
    • /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
  • Empty your Trash Bin.

Step 2: Remove Yahoo Search From Safari.

Often fake extension manages to change the default search settings of the Safari browser that triggers the redirects to Yahoo. So, it is important to find and remove adware extensions.

To Remove Yahoo Search From Safari , by following these steps:

  • Click on Safari menu →Preferences → go to Extensions Tab;
  • Look for unknown extensions active on your Safari;
    Remove Fake Extensions From Safari
    Remove Fake Extensions From Safari
  • Select it and click on “Uninstall”.

How To Remove Yahoo Search From Safari?

  • Click on Safari menu →Preferences → go to General Tab;
  • Under the “Homepage” field, remove and enter address of your choice like “”;
    Remove From safari Homepage
    Remove yahoo search from safari
  • Click “set as default”.

Quick Tip : If Safari’s homepage field is greyed out or stuck, then follow these steps:

In case, your Safari settings is controlled by adware/malware, then you homepage settings may greyed out or get stuck. So, in this case, even if you change the homepage address, it will reappear again. So, this is what you need to do:

  • Click on Safari menu →Preferences → go to General Tab;
  • Under the “Homepage” field, remove and enter address of your choice but this this time do not click on the button.
  • Just click any other icon on the same window, like Tabs, AutoFill or Extensions;
  • When a confirmation window appears asking to change the homepage, then confirm the same.
  • Now, again go to General tab, to make sure is gone successfully.

Delete Safari’s Preferences file To Permanently Stop Safari Redirecting To Yahoo

Malicious programs often install “managed preferences” file to automatically set homepage and search engine of Safari. Thus ensuring that users may not switch back to their default settings. So, you need to delete the Safari’s preferences file to make sure Yahoo redirect do not return.

To remove Safari’s Preferences file, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Quit Safari browser.
  2. Next, while you are on Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  3. Under the Go to Folder pop-up window, type the following path and click “Go”:  ~/Library/Preferences/
  4. Now, delete the file and launch your Safari again.

Step 3: Clean Up Safari Browser To Stop Safari From Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo.

It is important to clean up your Safari browser to remove traces of browsing to ensure the malicious program do not appear again. As this can trigger the Yahoo redirect again.

To Remove Website History From Safari, follow the steps here:

  • Open Safari Browser;
  • Click on Safari from the top menu bar and select “Preferences”;
  • Next, switch to “Privacy” tab;
  • Now, click on the “Manage Website Data” button on the open window;
    Clear Browsing data On safari Browser
    Clear Browsing data On safari Browser
  • In the next window, you can see the website data, URL visits and so on that are stored on the Safari. You can manually check and remove website or simply click on “Remove All”, and click “Done”;
  • To confirm removal, click “Remove Now” button.

After removing website data, it is important to clear the cache. This will help cleaning your browser and you can start a fresh.

To Clear Cache in Safari browser, you need to enable the “Develop” mode, here how you do this:

  • Again, you need to click Safari → Preferences →go to “Advanced” tab;
  • Next, in the bottom of the window, click on the checkbox showing “Show Develop menu in menu bar”;
  • Now, you will see a “Develop” menu on top bar, choose “Empty Caches”;

How To Reset Safari Using CleanMyMac X

  • Click to download Download CleanMyMacX
  • Follow on-screen instruction to install the app;
  • Once done, launch the app on your Mac;
  • Go to Privacy menu from left sidebar;
  • You will see all the web browsers listed there, choose Safari;
    Clean Safari Browser
    Clean Safari Browser
  • Click on the items like browsing history, cookies, download history, auto-fill and more, you want to clean;
  • Finally, click on the Remove to clear your Safari browser.

So, this is how you reset Safari browser on Mac. We will recommend you to scan your device with anti-malware to stop Safari automatically redirecting to Yahoo.

Step 4: Run Malware scan To Stop Safari From Automatically Redirecting To Yahoo Virus.

The best way to deal with malicious programs is to run a malware scan to detect the hidden files and components and remove them permanently. Although, if you already have any anti-malware program installed, then you can do a full-system scan to get rid of the Yahoo redirect virus.

But here we recommend you CleanMyMac X which is developed b y MacPaw and is notarized by Apple. Other than malware removal, it also has lots of useful features that comes handy in situations like these.

For example, real-time threat monitoring, application uninstaller, resetting browsers, freeing up system space, optimization and lots more.

  • Download CleanMyMac X.
  • Once it finishes the installation, launch it on your Mac.
  • From the left-menu section choose “Malware Removal“;
    Malware Removal using CleanMyMac X
    Malware Removal using CleanMyMac X (Image credit: MacPaw)
  • Press Click on “Scan“;
  • If it detects any sort of Adware, browser hijacker, spyware and even malicious programs, it will allow you to remove it.


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  • Thank you for the information in this post. I was able to get rid of a lot of malware and applications that could have been causing this. However I followed every step, including downloading and running Clean My Mac, and I still have the same problem. Do you have any other suggestions for me?

    • Have You tried removing Safari’s Preferences file? Also, try resetting Safari browser.


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