How To Clear Spotify Cache And Free Up Space on Your Mac

Spotify is a very popular music streaming app that is loved by thousands of people. You can download the app on Mac, iOS, Android or Windows. Its very easy to set up an account on Spotify, curate your own playlist, download and stream music. Like many of the music streaming service, it also offers free and paid versions. Most obviously, the free version has less features and comes with commercials that you will have to bear with. Else, for ad-free music streaming you need to buy a subscription.

Besides Apple has its own Apple Music app for streaming music, podcasts and so on, but Mac users often love to have Spotify. There are also plenty of alternatives of Spotify you must check out.

So, if you are among them, who listen to music on Spotify, then you may noticed some issues while downloading, streaming music or the app quitting unexpectedly. While, using any app cache is automatically generated that takes up several gigabytes of space on your hard disk.

While, the cache is cleared automatically when you restart your Mac and open the Spotify app next time. However, if you are the one who rarely like to restart your MacBook, then it is quite obvious that Spotify may have accumulated plenty of cache. Deleting cache not only solves various issues of the application, but frees up plenty of space on your Mac.

If you haven’t yet tried clearing Spotify cache, then is best way to do so.

What is Spotify cache And Why You Should Delete it?

As mentioned above, Spotify lets you create your playlist, download tracks and stream offline. So, whenever you do so, Spotify creates a cache file for it on your Mac. So, that when you listen to it again, it won’t have to download it again, rather it fetches the cache file. But with time, these cache keeps on increasing and soon takes up plenty of space on your Mac.

So, it is better to clear Spotify cache if you don’t like restarting your Mac again and again.

How to clear Spotify cache Manually From Mac?

By default Spotify cache is stored under “~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Storage” location. So, you need to go to this file location and delete the files.

  • Open Finder menu;
  • Click on Go, and then select Go to Folder;
  • Now, enter the following path ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Storage and click on GO;
    How to clear Spotify Cache on Mac Manually
    How to clear Spotify Cache on Mac Manually
  • Now, delete the Spotify cache files from Mac.

Note: If you don’t see the above folder then here is how to find the Spotify Cache on Mac:

  • Open Spotify app;
  • From top, click on Spotify menu and choose Preferences (⌘ + ,).
    How to Find Spotify Cache on Mac
    How to Find Spotify Cache on Mac
  • Under the “Offline songs storage” section, you can see the location, where Spotify stored your cache;
  • Now, open that folder location and delete the Spotify cache files (not the folder itself).

How To Clear Spotify Cache On Your Mac Automatically?

CleanMyMac X is a comprehensive tool that takes care of junk, unnecessary apps, malware, system optimization and privacy of your Mac. The app is notarized by Apple and is updated with ever new version of Mac. The System Junk Module of CleanMyMac X will help you to clear Spotify cache quickly. Not only that, one scan can help you clear out gigabytes of disk space that is accumulated by unwanted files, logs, junks and more.

  • Download and Install CleanMyMac X;
  • From dashboard, select System Junk from the sidebar menu;
  • Now click on Scan ➙ and Review Details;
  • Click on User Cache Files, and then select “ Cache”;
    How to clear Spotify Cache on Mac Automatically
    How to clear Spotify Cache on Mac Automatically
  • Next, hit the Clean button;
  • That’s it.

Note: Once you start using the Spotify app on your Mac, it will again start building up the cache files. So, either you can restart your Mac regularly to refrain the app from accumulating cache or clear out spotify cache manually. If you want to make your Mac run fast, the you should clear cache of other apps too. But this could a tedious task to manually do so. So, here CleanMyMac X comes handy that lets you remove temporary files, junks and user cache files all at once and free up space.

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