Google Is Working On AR Headset Codenamed Project Iris.

After Meta and Apple, Google is now reported to be working on augmented reality (AR) headsets codenamed project Iris. The new project is expected to launch in 2024.

What is Google’s Project Iris?

It looks Google is working the same way like Meta and Apple, as the Project Iris uses an outward-facing cameras blending computer graphics with the real world video feed. Thus, creating a more immersive mixed reality experience, than other AR and VR headset available at the moment. Google’s Project Iris is a “tightly kept secret”, as per the sources.

As reported by The Verge, the current prototype of the Project Iris resembles to be a pair of ski goggles that will run on batteries. To overcome power constrains, Google is planning to use its data centers to render graphics remotely and beam them into the AR headsets through Internet connectivity.

It may also have a custom Google processor running on Android. However, according to a job listing by a senior software engineer suggest that the AR may have a new operating system in development. The Project Iris is developing in Google’s facility in San Francisco. It includes around a team of 300 people, with Google planning to expand it even more. For hardware pieces Project Iris also includes Google’s Pixel team.

Reports also suggest, that Google is hoping to ship Project Iris along with Starline in 2024.

Iris Is Not The Only AR/VR Project Of Google.

Google has managed to include augmented reality features to many of its products like Google Lens, Google Search and Maps. As well as many virtual reality features we use in Google Earth, Google Glass, Google Cardboard, and Google Daydream VR. However these are more focused to the software side,  and lacks the hardware device.

So, now it looks like Google is changing its strategy and to enter into the AR headsets arena. However, its not wrong to say that Google will have to face a tough competition from Meta and Apple, as they both are way ahead of lunching their AR headsets. As Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset May Launch By Mid 2022.

As there is no official announcement or hints from Google about the Project Iris, it will be interesting how the things gets unfolds.


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