Google I/O 2021: The Biggest Announcements And Highlights

Google I/O 2021: The Biggest Announcements

Google I/O 2021 ended with big announcements. Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google started the event with emphasizing on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of people in every forms. However, Google was there to provide best and legit information related to the crisis.

The keynotes from Sunder Pichai about Google I/O 2021 features various announcements to almost every aspect. From new look of Android 12, Privacy, AI-driven solutions, machine learning, AR 3D models, various new products to Google Workspace and so on.

Building a more helpful Google for Everyone:

Google pointed towards creating more tools that can enhance the learning, health, building success and happiness.

To watch Google I/O 2021 Event click here.

Two New Features To Google Map

With introduction of “Eco-Friendly Routes” Google Maps will now give options to take more fuel efficient route. Thus making the cars more fuel efficient. Second is the “safer Routing” which will be powered with AI to detect road conditions, weather and breaks.

Google Maps live Indoor view
Google Maps live Indoor view

Also, Google’s AR Live view tool will show more information about the route, like indoors live view of an airport or mall. As well as more detailed Map view like restaurants open at different time of a day, local landmarks when you are travelling a new city and traffic conditions of an area. Additionally, there will be more new features gradually coming up in Google Maps like virtual street signs that will help the navigation.

Smart Canvas, new introduction to Google Workspace For More Efficient Team Collaboration

Google announced “smart canvas,” a new tool to its Workspace which can help the teams to collaborate about any new product launch and similar other important tasks.

Smart Canvas Team Collaboration
Smart Canvas Team Collaboration

It uses “smart chips” that lets Team members to add a chip by simply typing “@” add recommended team members. And then go on setting up goals, product, suggestions and many such. The smart chips will also be coming to other Google apps like Sheets in following months.

Another feature added to Workspace is the quickly calling team members via Meet directly from other Google apps like Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide.

Google Password Manager Lets You Change Passwords Instantly

Google is adding a new way to change the passwords directly from the Google’s in-built password manager.

You can change the password of any website or account that you stored in Google account, within “Check Password“. Google Android already have password checkup feature that notifies about any compromised passwords, so right there you will see a button of “Change Password“. So tap it and can enter the new secure passwords right there.

This feature is rolling out on Chrome Android in the US. As well as soon be available to other countries gradually.

Google Photos Can Now Store Photos In Locked Folders

Google Photos is getting “Locked Folder” feature that you store photos in password-protected secure folder.

Google Photos Locked Folder
Google Photos Locked Folder

So, these photos will not appear by simply using the Google Photos, until you go to the locked folder and authenticate yourself by fingerprint, PIN or so on. This feature will start rolling out on Google Pixel devices and soon will add to more Android devices.

Google Photos Can Now Animate Your Photos Using Still Shots

Now Google Photos will be more fun and be helpful in building memories with its “cinematic moments”. You can use your two or more continuous still shots to create a kind of gif or animated image. Along with that, Google is also introducing new filters like Memories which will be based on the patterns of your Photos.

Preview of ANDROID 12 All New Design and Features

Google unveils the first look of Android 12 with an entirely new design based on “Material You”. So, now there will a whole new custom color palette that you can choose based on your wallpaper and color theme will totally transform the look of your Phone. The new Android 12 will also have more animation gestures, big and bubbly buttons, and new widgets.

Android 12 New Design Look
Android 12 New Design Look

Also, Google reduced the CPU time for Android system server response time for 22%.

According to Sameer Samat, the VP of product management, Android and Google Play says it to be “the biggest design change in Android’s history” . These new design changes will start rolling out to the Google Pixels this fall.

It also features new addition to the privacy related to camera, mic and location, including a new privacy dashboard. You will also soon see any indication on top corner when any app uses your camera or microphone. The beta version of Android 12 is already available since the announcement and will work of major 11 Android smartphone brands.

Google also proudly announced that there are now more than three billions of active Android devices.

Android 12 is Introducing “Digital Car Keys” To Let You Unlock Your Car With Your Phone

Android 12 for some select Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones will have digital car key feature that will allow users to unlock their cars using Phone.

Android 12 is Introducing Digital Car Keys To Let You Unlock Your Car
Android 12 is Introducing Digital Car Keys To Let You Unlock Your Car

It uses Ultra Wide Band technology and NFC to support this features. Google is working with BMW and other car industries to support this feature.

New AI Language Model LaMDA To Understand The Dialogue Application

Google showcased its conversation with its new AI language model called “LaMDA“, it is an open domain that can converse on any topic. During the event, the CEO showed demos of Pluto and a Paper Plane model conversating in natural dialogue.

New AI Language Model LaMDA
New AI Language Model LaMDA

LaMDA’s natural language processing capabilities have “the potential to make the information and computing radically more accessible and easier to use”. Google is further going to incorporate LaMDA in various products like Google assistant, Search and Workspace.

Google says LaMDA to be a huge step towards the natural conversation, however currently it is only trained in text. But in future it will be able to conversate via different mediums like text, images, audio and videos. Combining them, Google said to be working on Multimodal Model, which will use these different types of information to show the results.

Google Will Let You See Your Shopping Items In Cart Directly On Your New Tab

Soon, when you will open a new tab on your Chrome, you may see what items are there in your shopping carts from last couple of weeks. It will also show you discounts and promotions based on that products if you opt in for that feature. These information will only be available to the individual users and will not be shared externally by any means without permission.

Introduction Of AR Athlete To Google Search

Now, with more AR visuals that appear right on your space, you can watch athlete like Megan Rapinoe juggle to the soccer balls.

Unlock Your Chromebook With A Single Tap on Your Phone 

Good news for the Chromebook owner, as now they can simply tap on their phone to sign-in on their Chromebook. Also, you see notifications from your phone on the Chromebook. And will be able to quickly share your pictures by accessing your phone’s recent photos.

Control Your TV with Remote Feature Directly Build Inside Your Phone

Google is building TV remote feature on the Android which lets you control it. You also use voice search or type with your Phone’s keyboard to easily access the contents on TV.

Google Combines with Samsung For More Unified Smartwatch Platform 

Google announced to combine with Samsung as a unified platform for both developers and end users. Google’s Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen to build a unified platform focusing on improved experience related to performance, battery life and with apps.

Google Combines with Samsung For More Unified Smartwatch Platform 
Google Combines with Samsung For More Unified Smartwatch Platform

Now, the developers can build more apps dedicated for the smartwatches and users. And FitBit OS will be the newest addition to the Google’s family for delivering world class fitness and health services.

Improved Camera To Better Capture the Pictures And More Balance the Skin tone 

Google is working on improving its camera to make the skin tones of the captured images appear more accurate and natural. These features will be introducing to Google Pixel this fall.

Google Is Introducing Privacy Sandboxing For Its Machine Learning in Android 

With a number privacy-based features adding to Android, Google is adding privacy sandboxing named as “Private Compute Core“. This will help to secure the data it uses for its machine learning.

Introduction Of Project Starline

Project Starline is going to completely transform the video conferencing and calling.

Google's Project Starline
Google’s Project Starline

It uses high resolution camera and various custom depth sensors to capture the shape and appearance resulting in a real-time 3D visual of the person. It looks like the person is sitting right in-front of you while you are on a video call.

Google Introduced an AI New Health Tool That Identifies Skin Conditions Using The Camera

Google New AI-Powered Dermatology Tool
Google New AI-Powered Dermatology Assistant Tool

Google unveils a new AI powered dermatology assistant tool that allow you take a picture of your skin part having any problems. It uses machine learning to help identify the skin type, conditions and symptoms,  Based on that it will answer your questions about the skin condition, symptoms and type. It can cover up to 288 skin conditions. This feature will be available on Google with the end of this year.

So, these were the Google I/O 2021 biggest announcements.


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