Google Chrome Is Working On To Get HTTPS-Only Mode For Secure Browsing

Google Chrome Is Working On To Get HTTPS-Only Mode For Secure Browsing

Google is working on to get HTTPS-Only Mode for its Chrome browser that will automatically upgrade all connections to HTTPS default. This will ensure that users are always on the secure HTTPS connection everywhere. By this Chrome will also help users to secure their data by sending them in an encrypted format in transit to other site’s server. So, users traffic will be secured.

Currently, Chrome is testing this new feature to its Chrome 93 Canary preview releases for various OS including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android.

Although, there is no any official announcement of when this feature will go live, but HTTPS-Only Mode may ship along with stable release of Chrome 93 expected in August this year.

Browsers With HTTPS-Only Mode

While Google will not be the first browser working on to get HTTPS-Only Mode.

Google is not the first major web browser vendor to consider adding an option to enable HTTPS on all websites automatically.

On 1st of June 2021, Microsoft announced to enable “Automatic HTTPS” feature to its Microsoft Edge 92 version. It means that the Edge users will now automatically switch to secure HTTPS connection while browsing. While, this feature started with some select users and is available for preview in the Canary and also Developer preview channels. The “Automatic HTTPS” feature of Microsoft Edge is expected to release in July.

A similar feature is added by Mozilla to its Firefox 83 with secures browsing by automatically upgrading the insecure connection to secure HTTPS ones. Although,

Although, by default, this feature of disabled in Firefox 83, but users can enable them by following the steps here:

  • Open Firefox
  • Click on Main menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Go to Privacy & Security
  • Scroll to locate “HTTPS-Only Mode”
    How To Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in Firefox Browser
    How To Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in Firefox Browser
  • Check on the “Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in all windows” option.

How to Try Out “HTTPS-Only Mode” On Chrome

If you want to try out “HTPPS-Only Mode” on chrome right away, then you can do so by enabling the “HTTPS-Only Mode Setting” flag. Type “chrome://flags/#https-only-mode-setting” on your address bar.

How To Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in Chrome Browser
Google Chrome Is Working On To Get HTTPS-Only Mode For Secure Browsing

Now you will see a new flag named as “HTTPS-Only Mode Setting”, you can choose to enable it which will upgrade all your connections to HTTPS and will show a warning if any website does not supports it.

It is no doubt that browsers are working hard to improve the online security, and Chrome is not behind. As it previously added “default to HTTPS” feature to Chrome browser for all the URLs you type in the address bar until user has specify some protocol.

Another security feature upgrade by Chrome is automatically upgrading mixed content from HTTP to HTTPS.

How “HTTPS-Only Mode” Will Secure Browsing?

Internet is full of resources, but often the intermediary connections are not secure. So, it is important to ensure that all the connections, and user’s web traffic are encrypted. By upgrading the connection to secure HTTPS, Chrome wants to prevent the man-in-the-middle attacks.

Its an eavesdropping, where attackers interrupt the connection or the data transfer, and inserts themselves in the middle of the transfer. In such an attempt, all the data sent to an unsecure HTTP can be collected by the attackers.

So, the HTTPS-Only mode encrypts the the data in transit and makes the connection secure everywhere.

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