CleanMyMac X Review 2021, Is It The Best Mac Optimizer?

CleanMyMac X Review 2021

Mac users always have a feeling that everything is just sorted on their Mac and they don’t have to care about file management or junks. However, with time any system needs maintenance, like a simple example if you delete any any application from your Mac, it leaves various files and logs that basically knowns leftovers. So, often users don’t realize that they are actually accumulating lots of junks on their system that not only eating up the memory but also lead to some annoying issues. Normally, its a time taking job to clean your Mac after every item you delete from the system.

Thus, you can a specialist that cleans the Mac so there are no residue remains. In order to keep my Mac free of junk and improve performance, there is no better tool for me than CleanMyMac X.

So, lets checkout how CleanMyMac X can keep your Mac as good as new.


Quick Review

CleanMyMac X
CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X by MacPaw helps keeping your Mac free of clutters and improves its performance. It offers complete suit of tools like covers the cleaning, maintenance, protection against malware, privacy, storage managements, uninstaller, shredding and so on.

Its tough to deny that it is a must-have optimizer tool for Mac, that often turns out to be useful and time saver.


Top Feature:

  • Smart Scan
  • Space Lens
  • Uninstaller
  • Privacy
  • Optimizer

Pricing: $34.95/year, can also be found along with a monthly subscription of Setapp for $9.99/mo + TAX that combines more than 200+ Mac applications.

System Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher, 145 MB

Supported Languages: English, Deutsch, Chinese, Japanese, Polski, Italian, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch and more. 

Customer Support: FAQ page, KnowledgeBase, Artcicles, Contact Form, and a Complete Support page that offers quick links for license manage, subscription and more. Also, can use “Suggest A feature” to tell MacPaw want you wish.


Now, firstly, what I liked about CleanMyMac X is its user-interface that is totally an Apple or Mac kind of thing. It just totally blends with your Mac.

CleanMyMac X Junk Removal
CleanMyMac X Junk Removal


It has a “smart scan” feature that lets you quickly check for junks, potential threats as well as optimizing speed. After the scan you could actually clean gigabytes of system junk that may be the reason your Mac has slowed down. It also lets you review the details of scan like from where these junks have been accumulated. It includes system junk, Trash bin, iTunes Junk, mail attachments and so on.

CleanMyMac X System Junk Removal
CleanMyMac X System Junk Removal

Its deep analysis also lets to know which applications or files is actually gathered the junk. With a simple press of the a button, it lets you clean out all the system junks. So, its a pretty cool to check out what’s actually eating up your space.


Next feature is its Malware Removal module. Although, CleanMyMac X have a real-time anti-malware monitoring feature.

CleanMyMac X Malware Removal
CleanMyMac X Malware Removal

It updates its threat database regularly to check for any new malware and if it found a similar instances or behavior then it removes them from your Mac. So, it removes any native Mac threats like adware, PUA (potentially unwanted programs), malware and so on.


System and data privacy are most crucial things which can’t be maintained manually. Although, Mac has various in-built features to ensure your privacy. However, we oftentimes compromise them while browsing, installing third-party applications, grating permission to access files, microphones, camera and so on. So, the Privacy module of CleanMyMac X lets you remove browsing history that often contains traces of personal information.

CleanMyMac X Privacy Cleaner
CleanMyMac X Privacy Cleaner

So, by remove the online and offline traces will ensure that your privacy is in your hands. It even makes resetting browsers like Safari without actually opening it.

Also, it lets you erase up the chat history or messages from applications like Skype and other messengers you have installed on your Mac.


Here, it lets you see the various recommendations like login items, launchAgents, heavy consumers and hang applications. So, if you are not a computer geek, then it will make you one without digging into the system settings. You can easily manage which applications or items is to auto-login at Mac startup, and enable/disable lanuchAgents associated with applications. For example, if you don’t want Chrome to opening automatically at login, so you can do so here.

CleanMyMac X Optimization feature
CleanMyMac X Optimization feature

Here, the best thing is “Heavy Consumers” which quickly lets you know which application is consuming more resources. So, now you can keep track of such applications. Again a very useful feature here is “Hung Applications“, which lists if any applications or program is crashing often.

These sounds very interesting and useful to me.


The maintenance module of CleanMyMac X has lots of tweaks that lets you improve your Mac performance. Oftentimes, apps lets too much time to load, mostly the heavy applications, so the best practice is to make the startup smooth is to free up RAM. Also, it recommends the purgeable spaces that can be cleared from your Mac. Overtimes, Mac creates gigabytes of files which gradually becomes unnecessary. However, they still takes up space on your drive, so it lets you analyze and clean them up.

CleanMyMac X Maintenance
CleanMyMac X Maintenance

Additionally, you can run maintenance scripts, easily flush out DNS cache, repair your disk permissions, speed up your mail. It makes tough task look easy like thinning the Time Machine snapshot, and repairing tasks.

Like every system needs some maintenance so, if you don’t have the time to do it manually, then you can surely leave the task on CleanMyMac X.

Managing Applications:

This is definitely a useful module that I often use. As it has an in-built uninstaller that lets you remove any applications without leaving any residue. Like its system files, logs, cache, launchAgents and Daemons and so on.

Now, why do we need this Uninstaller feature? 

CleanMyMac X Uninstaller Feature
CleanMyMac X Uninstaller Feature

Because, when you usually trash any application from Applications Folder, then it just means uninstalling the main app. However, this leaves various leftovers, its associated programs, supporting files, cookies and logs. So, with CleanMyMac X, it lets you see all the associated files with the program and delete them all at once.

Updating Application:

Next, very important thing is updating the applications. Well, you can easily to update menu next to the Uninstaller to check which apps needs the update. And with one click on “Update” button, you will ensure that all your applications are updated.

Uninstalling Browser Extensions:

Also, in this section, it includes “Extensions” that lets you see what extensions you have installed in your web browsers. Oftentimes, we don’t even know which extensions are active on our browser, be it Safari, Chrome or Mozilla. So, you can easily keep track on them at one place and delete the ones you don’t need even without opening your browsers.

Managing Storage:

This is the second best feature of CleanMyMac X that every Mac user needs is managing the storage. With a unique name “Space Lens” that lets you scan and check how your storage is being used. By clicking on “Scan“, it quickly creates a storage map which is clear to understand where and how your files and data are stored.

CleanMyMac X Space Lens
CleanMyMac X Space Lens

To do a deeper analysis, it takes you to the subfolders showing where and which files are filling up the space. Trust me, you gonna love this feature, because of its fun interface. The more you click the more you know which files or folder is taking up the space and you can free up very quickly.

Large and old files:

Next, it also lets you scan for large and old files that is again consuming more drive spaces. These are mostly video files, HD quality images or recordings that takes up the space. It does the job efficiently by quickly scanning and showing those files. By clicking on the list you can know more about it and decide whether you need it or not. So, this is the feature that will be loved by video editors, photographers or a graphic designers.


Additionally, it has a file “Shredder” that lets you securely erase any sensitive or unwanted data which you don’t want to be recovered by any means.

Additional Feature:

Last but not the least, when you click on CleanMyMac X icon on top of your menu bar, it gives a total overview of the protection, free space, trash, CPU, network speed, battery percentage and which apps is consuming it and many such things.

CleanMyMac Menu
CleanMyMac Menu

It also gives the overview of your other connected devices like iPhone or any other Mac device. Even of you don’t have the app installed on it, but if you are connected via Bluetooth or so on. These features are really good which you will not find in any other Mac optimizers.

Hey, I just remember to share that it also notifies you if any of your applications suddenly stops working or it has detected any malware threat.

CleanMyMac X Threat detection
CleanMyMac X Threat detection

So, it recommends you to take quick actions before it get worse. This can be very useful at various instances.


So, that’s all you should need to know on why you CleanMyMac X on your Mac. Its indeed a must-have tool for Mac users that really does the job clean. It helps you to free up space which you may not know is consuming and hampering the performance of your Macbook or other Mac devices.

CleanMyMac X









  • Most User-Friendly and Fun and Interactive Interface
  • Helps Freeing Up Gigabytes of Space
  • Great modules for Privacy, storage management and maintenance


  • Little expensive than other optimizers
  • Lacks duplicate file finder


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