Bloombox The Upcoming Project Of Facebook Partnered with Spotify

Bloombox The Upcoming Project Of Facebook Partnered with Spotify

Facebook as its new initiative seeks to build a deep relationship with Spotify, the music company. This will allow users to listen to music and podcasts available in Spotify, while still browsing on its apps. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday, about its new partnership called “Project Boombox”.

As podcasts and audio channels are gaining popularity, Facebook is too now working to build an in-line audio player to its app. This will allow users to share as well as listen to music, playlists and podcasts without actually linking to the Spotify app externally.

Project Bloombox

While describing the features of its upcoming product, Zuckerberg said it will be about “basically making audio a first-class type of media”. So, it appears that Facebook will give the creators a new platform to showcase their work. This player will be supporting both music and podcasts. The best part is the product has already been tested in Mexico and Thailand. According to the sources, it is expected to launch in the coming week.

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Zuckerberg said about its new audio platform in an interview with Casey Newton. It will be Facebook’s take on Clubhouse due to the growing popularity of podcasts and audio-based media platforms.

“We think that audio is going to be a first-class medium and that there are all these different products to be built across this whole spectrum,” said Zuckerberg.

“Of course, it includes some areas that, that have been, you know, popular recently like podcasting and kind of live audio rooms like this, but I also think that there’s some interesting things that are under-explored in the area overall.”

As Facebook and Instagram already have incorporated reels, music that users can share and view them. So, now Facebook wants to deepen the integration of music and podcasts.


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