Apple macOS Monterey Features: Everything You Need To Know

Apple macOS Monterey Features: Everything You Need To Know

Apple unveiled powerful features updates to most of its products at the WWDC 2021 event on June 7. This is a great time for Apple users who were waiting for the major changes to their Macs, iMacs or MacBooks. So, the wait is over as the macOS Monterey is the new release of the MacOS, its the 18th major macOS version update and the successor of macOS Big Sur.

Although, the macOS Monterey is expected to be coming later in 2021, however lets check out the new features you can expect to macOS Monterey. From universal control, AirPlay, iCloud+, Spatial Audio, all new design of Safari browser, lots of privacy features and many more.

Here’s everything new to macOS Monterey:

macOS Monterey Key Features

AirPlay to Mac:

This is a much awaited feature for the macOS, as the Airplay lets connect to device with the Apple ID. With this feature coming up to mac, you will able to send, view and mirror your contents on Mac to other devices like iPhone or iPad. Use the “mirror” feature to extend the view of your videos, presentation and music from your Mac and also use it as a secondary display. It also supports Keynote and Photos.

Let you Mac act as an Airplay 2 speaker which allows people to play music and podcasts to your Mac. It will function as a secondary speaker for the multiroom audio. It will work both wirelessly and via a USB.


Extending the functionality of iCloud, the iCloud+ will have lots more enhancements and new integrations.

One like iCloud Private Relay is a new feature that makes browsing encrypted, private and secure with Safari by virtually connecting to any network. So that your traffic will be encrypted and even Apple cannot intercept for collect your data. It also allows to create a detailed profile for private browsing.

Hide My Email

With “Hide My Email” is can mask your real email address by creating a unique and random email address. And use email forwarding feature when sending and receiving email without your actual email visible to others.

HomeKit Secure Video

You can connect your security camera more than one in the Home app and record, view and store the footage. The recordings will be stored in the iCloud will be encrypted, so only you or the authorized person can view them. Also, it will not count towards to the iCloud storage and will be a part of the subscription. Also,

Custom email domain

You can have a custom domain name to personalize your iCloud mail address. Also, you can invite your family members to use the same domain to have their iCloud Mail accounts.


FaceTime has got more enhancements and powerful updates with makes video calling, connecting and sharing more convenient.

Apple brings the Spatial Audio support to its new macOS Monterey. With Spatial Audio video conversations will appear more natural, as it helps spreading the voices of the people on the other side of all call appears to be coming from their direction.

macOS Monterey FaceTime Portrait Mode
Apple macOS Monterey FaceTime Portrait Mode (Image credit: Apple)

Also, there is addition of Portrait mode in the FaceTime, that puts all the focus to you by blurring out the background on a video call.

Grid View that makes the tiles on the on the video call of the same size, you can see upto 18 tiles at the same time.

With FaceTime links, you can share the call links using a web link. Even for the person who does not have an Apple device, will be able to join the FaceTime call via opening the Weblink directly on their browser.


Apple introduces a more fun and connected way to share and play videos, music, share screen and collaborate with work during a FaceTime call.

Apple macOS Monterey FaceTime SharePlay
Apple macOS Monterey FaceTime SharePlay

SharePlay features plenty of other features like Synced playback, that allows family and friends in a FaceTime Call to share new songs, add them in queue and easy-to-use controls. Its smart volume controls automatically adjusts volume of any scene so that you can hear the voice of your friend.

Universal Control:

Apple introduced a new feature to the macOS Monterey that will make multiple device work faster, easier and more productive.

Apple macOS Monterey Universal Control
Apple macOS Monterey Universal Control (Image Credit: Apple)

Universal Control lets you control your Macs and iPad with a single keyboard, mouse/trackpad. This makes switching and working with different devices is just like moving your cursor. It requires no setup or app, just you need to place your devices next to each other, and move your cursor from your Mac to your iPad to start typing or performing other actions. Also, it makes sharing even better with just drag and drop from your Mac to another device. It works for upto three devices.


With macOS Monterey Apple revamped the design of the Safari browser across all the devices. With introduction of streamlined tab bar, extending the pages to the edges of the app and also matches the color of the visited websites. The redesigned tabs have rounder appearance and are more adaptive to minimize and maximize controls, you can use the “Tabs Group” feature to save and organize tabs. The group tabs are synced to all other devices iMac, iPad and iPhones which makes accessing them easy.

All new redesigned Safari on macOS Monterey
All new redesigned Safari on macOS Monterey

The group tabs is actually an efficient feature that will let users create their own set of tabs based on work, travel, reading, shopping and many more. Tab Groups can be found on the newly redesigned sidebar, along with bookmarks, Reading List, and Shared with You links.

Concerning the privacy, Safari will now automatically upgrade sites from http to secure https. Also, now Safari will be more privacy-focused with the “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” which will prevent trackers from profiling users by tracking their IP address.


Apple’s Shortcuts app is soon coming to macOS Monterey, that allows users to create and edit shortcuts and will be accessible anytime via Finder, Spotlight, Dock, desktop, as well as menu bar. You can quickly setup actions you do often and automate them via creating into a Shortcut.

You can manage the shortcuts, share them just a link and keep them synced across all devices iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


For distraction free time on your device, Focus lets you create own Focus options or use from suggestions. Once you create a Focus, it will be synced to all your other devices, like Snooze Notifications of the apps until your activity time like work, personal time, sleep, fitness, gaming, reading, or driving. Or simply choose Do Not Disturb to switch off everything by specifying the time.

You can also allow notifications from a particular person or app while on focus. And also set automated reply when any message comes while you are on focus.

Quick Note:

Apple is introducing Quick Notes to the macOS Monterey which is an on the go useful app to quickly add some notes, links and even web links of your Safari browser. Notes can be shared with friends, family and colleges where they can mention you and add a tag to quickly search and view it. With mentions, you can just type the name to send a notification.

Quick Notes works across all devices whether you are Mac, iPad, or iPhone via Notes app. And also you can access it via a hot corner on your screen, keyboard shortcut or Control Center.

Plenty of more features to macOS Monterey:

Low Power Mode:

When your MacBook’s battery goes down, you can extend its usage with Life Power Mode, which automatically manages the Energy-intensive apps and shifts the power focus towards what you are doing.

Live Text Feature that is a magical way to interact with any images. It uses machine learning to detect the text in any picture, address, phones numbers, so you can copy/paste them to find more information, place a call, visit a website and many more actions.

Update Map gives an amazing 3d view of landmarks like Golden Gate Bridge in both light and dark mode. New public transit features which now shows nearby stations and also lets users to pin their routes to appear on top. And an interactive Globe to discover various details like mountain ranges, Oceans and forests.

For more privacy, the you will be able to find out which apps is accessing your microphone via Control Center. Also, you will see an indicator whenever an app is using your mic.

To make the most of the new features of macOS Monterey, you need to make sure that your Mac is fully optimized, free of clutters and have enough space to run smoothly. So, try out CleanMyMacX that helps you do the same.

Want more? Read the preview of macOS Monterey here.



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