Apple AirTag Helped US Family To Track Their Shipment After Delay From The Movers

Apple AirTag Helped US Family To Track Their Shipment After Delay From The Movers.

The Story of the US Family is a perfect example of how sometimes technology helps us to overcome bad situations.

Apple AirTag Helped US Family To Track Their Shipment After Delay From The Movers

Austin and Valerie McNulty, an army couple were moving from Fort Carson Colorado to Fort Drum New York as their fourth permanent change of base station.

In a conversation to the Newsweek Austin and Valerie narrated their whole event. Austin, had served as a chief warrant officer in the Army for over 14 years.

So, for their transfer, they had been given two options:

  • Either they can do it by themselves with the help of any movers company for which they will get 95% reimbursement from the Army.
  • Or allow the Army handle the shipment via their own contractors bearing no expense to all the couple.

However, they decided to do it on their own. So, they packed their stuffs and hired a movers to ship their goods to their new location.

Valerie, had hide an Apple AirTag within one of the toy boxes of her kid as a precautionary step. The couple’s stuff were ready for the shipment in mid-December in Colorado. The same was expected to arrive in Fort Drum, New York by 5 January 2022.

The Couple Used AirTag To Track Their Shipment

Apple AirTag
The Couple Used AirTag To Track Their Shipment

Valeria tracked the AirTag that showed movement on January 7, and later they got to know that their shipment will arrive on January 8. While they received most of  their package by January 8, but there were still many of their valuable stuffs yet to be delivered.

While contacting to the mover’s guy, Austin was told that their package had been picked up lately and would take another 2 days to be delivered. However, the couple were constantly tracking their shipment via the AirTag. So they found that the mover’s guy was not in Colorado, in fact he was somewhere five hours away from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Shipment Arrived In A Bad State

Additionally, the couple found that their truck delivering their stuffs were not inventoried in a safe location. In fact, it was parked somewhere in New Jersey for overnight. By again contacting to the truck driver, the driver said that he had went to visit “his lady” which caused the delay.

While the Shipment that arrived on January 8, left the couple in suspicion, as it arrived in an enterprise truck and not in the personally owned vehicle. Also, they found that a page from their inventory was also missing and that remained in Colorado.

Finally, their stuffs arrived on January 20, but they were not in right condition. In Fact, many of them were broken.

In their statement, Valerie said, “I think we would have been waiting a lot longer for our home goods to arrive if we didn’t have the AirTag. It gives that opportunity for things to conveniently go missing. I’m thankful it didn’t happen but it would be all too easy. I would say that AirTags are fairly inexpensive and it’s an easy way to hold the third parties accountable.”

So, this is how a small and inexpensive gadget helped the US couple to track their package after several misinformation from their mover’s guy. This is one of the instance where Apple AirTag can be too useful for us.

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