7 Best Apps That Make Language Learning Fun, Easy and Quick

7 Best Apps For Language Learning

It’s safe to say that you don’t need a textbook or to attend physical classes to learn a new language. As internet and technology have made learning simple, accessible, and highly engaging.

Just google it and there you have your answer.

Be it a query about the latest Spectrum new service or the menu at the nearby restaurant, the internet has the information about anything. Even today, we don’t need to immediately call or visit the customer center to learn about the prices of Wi-Fi plans or go to a store to buy books. Apps and e-commerce site like Amazon offers plenty of ebooks that you can get anytime and read at your own pace and comfortability.

Likewise, plenty of apps are out there to make learning a new language fun and easy. As long as you are using the right apps, it’s possible to learn any language and flaunt your new skills. The best part is there is an app for you no matter what your language learning goals are.

If you love traveling or you just want to learn a new language, there are plenty of apps like Speakly out there for that. Check these to make language learning fun and easy.

Hold on tight while we reveal to you a list of the best 7 Apps That Make Language Learning Fun, Easy and Quick:

Best 7 Apps That Make Language Learning Fun, Easy and Quick

It gives a unique joy and satisfaction to be able to connect with someone in their own language. Whether you are in a foreign country or need to connect to a friend living outside your country. Learning a new language is an add-n skill which you should consider.

1# Babbel:

With over 10 million subscriptions, Babbel has swiftly become one of the most popular language-learning apps. The curriculum inside the app is created by Linguists. It combines traditional learning with new and interactive teaching.


The app also offers live online classes, listen podcasts, play interactive games, watch learning videos and many such. The app employs research-based, tried-and-tested teaching techniques to help you learn a new language.

Its a subscription-based learning app that starts with $12.95 per month, but the best offer is to subscribe it for a year costing just $6.95 per month.

2# Duolingo:

Duolingo has become the most popular language-learning app for all the right reasons. The app provides game-like lessons, fun challenges and reminders from friendly mascot, Duo the owl. It provides learning in more than 35 languages. The learning methods are based on artificial intelligence and science-based teaching methods to make it simpler and effective to learn. Lessons are tailored to the user’s learning style, which is a bonus.


The lessons inside the app are progressive, which means that each one builds on the previous one. You can’t progress until you have completed the previous level by answering all of the correct questions. If you leave the app for an extended period of time, you will have to repeat the courses to ensure you haven’t forgotten what was taught.

The best part is Duolingo is completely free, but it contains ads. So, you can try its features for 14 days and if you wish to go ads free and make learning faster then go for plus plan.

3# Memrise:

While you might have heard that Memrise is all about flashcards but it goes beyond that. The app comprises “click to hear” phrases and quizzes to help you master the common phrases.


The “Learn with Locals” function immerses you in movies that depict real-world settings with native speakers. This makes it easier to understand words, phrases, and sentences spoken by people who have true accents. With the Pronunciation Mode, you can assess your own speaking abilities too. The apps helps you learn 23 languages, and one account works on multiple devices.

4# Mondly:

Mondly is a colorful, enjoyable mobile app with a lot of features to learn a language even if you don’t want to buy its premium version. The app is great for learning introductory languages. It will show you alternative conjugations when you tap on verbs.

Images, translations, and auditory aides are all included too. This means you can learn according to a learning style that suits you. The instructor also speaks the words and phrases in a melodic manner, which will help you remember them.


Apart from native learning sessions, it also enhances learning experience via visual learning by VR/AR technologies with chatbots and speech recognition. If you are looking a language learning app for your kids, then then should be a good option. As it has a separate Mondly Kids learning module which makes language learning fun. Its important to enhance motor and interactive skills in kids, so here is the 15 best steam educational robot toys for kids.

5# Busuu:

The Busuu app guides you through determining how advanced you are and chooses the level that’s appropriate for you. Then you choose a daily study goal, and if you upgrade to the premium plan, the automatically builds a study plan to help you meet your goals within a set deadline.


It offers advanced learning for individuals, business to train their employees and a global plan too. You should check out this app for sure, if you are working in a different language city.

Busuu claims that if you study for 10 minutes, 3 times a week for eight months, you will become competent in the language you are learning. The learning program can be accessed from web, Appstore and Play Store.

6# Drops:

It’s a bright app with a cheerful design that makes language learning seem less daunting. The app displays each word in language you prefer and the English alphabet of the same. It even pronounces the word and displays an illustration of it.


Drops currently supports 45 languages and is constantly adding more languages. It is definitely one great language learning app especially if you prefer visual cues. You must wait 10 hours to access the next lesson, but you can review your statistics (right answers, incorrect responses, and words learned) after completing the lesson. It also lets users tap on the words they have learned before and hear them again.

You can take advantage of this feature to revise the previous lesson before when your next class begins or whenever you want. Drops offers a simple lifetime plan and occasionally offers discounts. So, do check it out.

7# Speakly:

Do you want to be able to hold meaningful discussions in the language you want to learn?

Try Speakly, an app that focuses on teaching you the 4,000+ popular terms for common discussions in your intended language. So, if you want to learn any language in a faster pace then, this language learning app is recommended for you.


Speakly pushes you to communicate with a pre-recorded native speaker and tutors you on your performance once you have learned enough words. It’s like learning from your personal teacher!

It has both personal and business plans and lets users to try out the app free for 7 days. Its most popular plan is 9.00 EUR/month, if you subscribe for 3 months.


In today’s time, whole world is connected via social media networks, communities, discussions and so on. So, having proficiency in a different language is an additional skill that helps you quickly grab an opportunity.


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