6 Expected Breakthrough Technology Releases For 2022

New technology can be hard to predict accurately, but we can still somewhat understand what we might see next. Here are some possible tech advances for next year.

Predicting the future can be almost impossible. There is so much happening around the world that even one small event can alter the course of the universe.

So, every time you see an event prediction you should take it with a grain of salt. It can be even harder to predict technological advances because they are fast and innovative.

In the past decade, we have seen so much technology changing around us. From Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics to nanotechnology have changed the world. Moreover, internet speeds have also increased tenfold. Even the way we connect, respond, share and pay bills have changed now. Like, if you have performed a Cox bill pay a decade ago, you’d be pleasantly surprised at the results now.

Technology breakthroughs can happen before one can predict them, but there are still some trends that one can follow.

So, here are some of the most predictable technology releases we might see in 2022:

6 Expected Breakthrough Technology Releases For 2022

1. Blockchain:

Blockchain is the buzzword in the tech industry these days. So, we can assume that we can see more of this in the next couple of years. Moreover, blockchain might revolutionize almost every industry including banking and healthcare. The digital ledger stores information in various places and tracks all the changes. So, it might technically make identity theft and forgery impossible around the world.

As blockchain can make everything decentralized, banks and governments might have lesser power over it. So, while blockchain could see extensive growth in the coming year, it might not be completely dominant.

2. Cryptocurrency:

Most people still don’t take cryptocurrency seriously, and it is illegal in some countries. But industry giants like Elon Musk are showing great interest in the field. Moreover, the developments in blockchain are also pushing the world towards crypto. But the market is still volatile, and it could stay that way for a while before we see anything really happening.

The key appeal for cryptocurrency right now is how trendy it is. Moreover, it can be impossible to control crypto transactions for illegal activities. So, we can see stricter laws governing it and maybe a constant value around the world. More people are considering investing in Bitcoin, and it could be the next big thing.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Affective AI might see even better days in 2022. It is pretty much already everywhere, but the world is just starting to have fun with it. In the coming years, we can expect AI to get better and more realistic. Artificial Intelligence could read facial data and learn from it. As a result, the program could tell how you’re feeling by looking at your face. Then, it can offer you a product or service to help you out. For example, Facebook AI Model SEER Learn To Recognize 1 Billion Instagram Images.

So, if you’re tired, you might get a suggestion to buy a coffee at Starbucks. The technology is unreliable right now, but it can change in the next year or so.

4. Medical Robots:

We can expect AI and machine learning to make a change in the medical world where it is probably most needed. The pandemic exposed the world’s health standards in the open. So, we now see how many more doctors we need to cope up with something like this. Moreover, so many frontline healthcare workers had to sacrifice their lives to save other people.

This might be a dark part of history forever, but we can change it. Medical robots can be a not-so-distant reality. We can use them to go into quarantine areas and treat people virtually. Moreover, these robots can learn from human behavior and log symptoms. Soon, they might be able to suggest their diagnoses.

Even there are many robot toys like Sphero indi that is well versed with coding and understanding human instructions. Not to forget, all these are possible because of experienced techies, programming platforms like .Net and Java, cloud computing services and many more.

5. 5G:

5G is almost here, but it could become mainstream in the next year. 5G can change a lot about our world. With faster internet connection so widely available, opportunities and connectivity can become better. We can reach remote lands that we couldn’t before. Moreover, it can also change distance learning and work. So, the world can become a global marketplace where everyone is connected.

A company could hire someone overseas without thinking twice. There won’t be any need to fly over or even get a visa. We could also open more international admissions to universities and schools. As a result, education can become available to the whole world from their homes.

6. Low-Earth Orbit Satellites:

Companies like SpaceX can change how our skies look. Instead of stars, we could see a constellation of satellites. The company plans to deploy over 40,000 satellites that will orbit the earth at a low altitude. They could develop an internet connection all over the world, even in the middle of the ocean. Amazon and One Web constellation has also announced similar plans.

This is possible because we have nanosatellites that are low-orbit and only weigh a few pounds. So, we can send and deploy more of them in outer space.


Here we highlighted 6 expected breakthrough technology releases for 2022, but there are many more to come in near future. The emerging technologies holds the potential to make significant impacts on lives of every living things of the planet. It is always surprising and mesmerizing to predict and know what future technology has to give us.


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