5 Ways Anyone Can Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely

Getting remote access to someone’s phone or hacking it is easier than you think. No programming skills or advanced hacking abilities are required for that. Even if you are far from a programmer, you can hack someone’s phone with the least amount of effort.

It’s immensely easy to hack someone’s phone remotely without touching it and there is more than one way to do so. Let’s explore them and increase our knowledge.

Imagine a situation where you connect to a public Wi-Fi in a café or a mall to perform some online activity like checking your Spectrum billing info or even scrolling your social media feed. The moment you connect to a public network, your phone is vulnerable and hackable (this method of hacking requires some level of technical knowledge, though).

It’s negligible things like these we do on a routine basis that makes our phones susceptible to hacking without even realizing it.

5 Ways Anyone Can Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely

Now let’s get into the details and check out the ways to hack a phone without touching it:

1: Through Their Phone Number:

It’s possible to hack someone by using just their phone number. To do that, you will need a reputable hacking app though. And no, you don’t need physical access to the person’s phone to install this software.

It’s more like spyware that will ask you to enter some information about the target device (the
phone that you want to hack) and then you will be ready to invade their phone.

2: A Malicious Text Message:

This method will only work if the individual being targeted has a Google account(which won’t be a problem because everyone has a google account!)

Here is what you have to do.

You must attempt to log into the person’s Google account and select the forgot password option.

You should next send the user a text message pretending to be from Google Security. From here on out, everything is really similar to phishing.

The message you send must include a link and that this is just a security alert. Naturally, the person will click on the link and enter the login code. Use that security code to change their Google password and now you will access their Google account and take further action.

3: SIM Card Information:

Another way to hack someone’s phone without touching it is through their sim card. For this, you need access to the target person’s SIM card information. This includes their phone number, IMEI number, and location information. You can’t use this method to hack a stranger’s phone unless you have their SIM card info.

Once you have provided the software with all the info, you will be able to retrieve all outgoing and incoming messages and calls. Any smartphone phone can be hacked using this method.

4: Midnight Raiding:

This is a safe and effective way to remotely hack someone’s phone without getting caught. However, for this to work, you need a standard hacker kit, which includes spyware, two phones, and a Wi-Fi connection. The first phone will serve as a GSM modem for your PC, while the second one will play the role of a data receiver. You will begin by sending a text message to the person you want to target or hack. The message should say “You are being hacked.”

Don’t worry, like mentioned above, you won’t get caught. This message will open the target device’s Internet Explorer. Now it’s time to install the spyware on your second phone. This will give you access to the data on the phone you wanted to target.

The midnight raiding technique can also help you retrieve information such as the person’s IMSI number and snoop on the person further. The reason why this method is called Midnight raid is that ideally, you should carry it out at night when the target person is sleeping and not using their phone.

5: Tap Into the Stingray Technology:

Before we discuss this method, let me warn you that A stingray is fairly expensive, and using this device can get you in legal trouble. A Stingray device can imitate the appearance of a transmitting tower. It can establish a link with all phones within a vicinity. This will provide a unique SIM card identification code as well as allow you to locate your phone.

Stingrays are like cell-site simulators. they imitate cell towers and collect data from any phone within the range, including calls, messages, and even data in some situations. The police are discreetly using stingrays across the United States to gather data on crimes.

Since you’re invading someone’s privacy, if you get caught using a stingray, things can go to court.
Hence, it’s best to rely on other methods to hack another person’s phone.


Any layman can try these strategies to remotely access someone’s phone. Note that some users are
smart and they are already aware of these hacking tactics. They might figure out their phone has become a target of a hacker. If they boost their device’s security, these techniques may fail to help you hack the target.


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