5 Best Webcam Covers For MacBook Pro 2021

5 Best Webcam Covers For MacBook Pro 2021

With the cyber trends increasing day by day, no devices, networks or operating systems can be said as safe. As, cyber criminals take advantage ever growing technology to breach inside and take control over the devices.

One of such hacking or better to call spying attempts is to take over the webcam that is built-in to most of the system. Spying programs can silently get inside your Mac without seeking permission. Thus, all your activities can be monitored and recorded as well.

Even, cyber experts also advise users to cover their webcam when not in use. This will not only prevent hacking attempts but also keep accidental turning on of your video while any conference, chats and so on. The built-in webcam of your laptops and desktop does not comes with protection, so it can pose a privacy risk.

So, a webcam cover help enhance your device security. Besides offering security, cases and covers also protects devices from fall, dust and shocks, like here is the guide suggesting best AirPods 3 case covers to buy in 2022.

Although, there may be plenty of choices for webcam cover for MacBook Pro 2021. But its important to check the quality, compatibility and durability of webcam covers.

For additional protection, performance and maintenance of your Mac, we recommend CleanMyMac X which is loved by most of the Mac users.


Lets, move forward with 5 best webcam covers for MacBook Pro 2021.

5 best webcam covers for MacBook Pro 2021

Webcam hacking is real thing, that is not going to stop. However, its upto us what we can do to build a bridge between our devices and hackers. And a webcam cover is fortunately a thing which can help you achieve this.

  1. CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide
  2. EYSOFT Webcam Cover
  3. Cimkiz Webcam Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Slider
  4. Trobing Laptop Camera Cover Slide
  5. COOLOO Ultra Thin Design Web Camera Cover Slide

So, here are 5 best webcam covers for your MacBook Pro, that will keep creepers out and give space to your privacy.

CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide: 

Subtle and elegant design, ultra thin, with metal body for durability.

cloudvalley webcam cover
CloudValley webcam cover

The CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide is compatible webcam cover for MacBook Pro, iMac, Laptop, PC, iPad Pro, iPhone 8/7/6 Plus front camera. It is 0.6mm thick, that simply gets attached to your webcam which does not interfere when using the webcam or light indicators. 

You can get a pack of 2 CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide from Amazon at a very reasonable price of $7. 

EYSOFT Webcam Cover: 

Strong adhesive, extremely thin and fits to most of the devices

Eysoft webcam cover
Eysoft webcam cover

EYSOFT Webcam Cover measures only 0.03 mm that perfectly sticks to the webcam and does not interfere while closing the lid. It one finger slider control, it make your privacy under your control and prevent the webcam from the reach of potential hackers. It is compatible to most of the laptop, desktop, PC, Macboook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and Smartphone. For cleaning and re-use it can be open into two piece and after that, you can re-install again. Best part is, you can buy a pack of 5 for only $6.79 from Amazon discount price. 

Cimkiz Webcam Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Slider:

Metal Base, Magnetic Slider with 3M Adhesive

Cimkiz Webcam Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Slider
Cimkiz Webcam Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Slider

Having, you are looking for a durable webcam cover, the we recommend you Cimkiz Webcam cover as it is has a base of Nickel plate that with magnetic slider. Also, its thickness is just 0.022 inches which makes it sleek and sturdy. Also this webcam cover does not interfere while closing the lid. Again, this is also compatible with most of the Laptops, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Smartphone, Tablets, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Thus, protecting your privacy on most of the devices.

The current discount price for 3 packs of Cimkiz Webcam Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Slider offered by Amazon is just $5.99. So, grab it today.

Trobing Laptop Camera Cover Slide:

Cheap, easy grip slider and simple design

Trobing Webcam cover
Trobing Webcam cover

Unlike other webcam slider covers, Trobing has a better gripping design, that restricts the slider from slipping out. It is made up of high grade durable plastic that measure 0.03 inches, that does not interfere while closing the laptop. With has double sided 3M tape for strong adhesive. The cover comes with a pack of 9 for only $4.96, that is the cheapest one. It is compatible with MacBook, MacBook pro, laptops, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad and many more devices. Thus, it preventing hackers from Spying on you.

COOLOO Ultra Thin Design Web Camera Cover Slide:

Ultra thin, Nano gel super sturdy adhesive and extra Mini size

COOLOO Ultra Thin Design Web Camera Cover Slide
COOLOO Ultra Thin Design Web Camera Cover Slide

COOLOO webcam offers ultra thin design with thickness of just 0.027 inches. So you should not be bothered about interference while closing the laptop lid. When comes it the design, its the best among all, as it has perfect round edges, minimum size that fits well and looks good.

It uses Nano gel adhesive technology that makes fixes well with the laptop or other device and also it leaves no traces of adhesive when you remove it.

COOLOO super sturdy webcam cover is compatible with most Laptop, MacBook, MacBook Pro, laptops, tablets and all-in-one desktops. Its one set has 6 pieces which will cost you $9.99 at Amazon.

Privacy is in Your Hands

While, in today’s time when we are entirely dependent on digital stuffs to connect us to the world of internet. So, its hard to maintain privacy all the time, however like in one of our blogs we wrote about 10 best ways to protect a Mac computers from Viruses. Moving ahead to this, its again good practice to have a webcam cover to prevent spyware and hackers to hamper your privacy.

10 Best Ways To Protect A Mac Computer From Viruses

With the choices mentioned above, you can have piece of mind that your privacy is secured.


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