5 Best Alternatives Of Spotify You Must Try Out For Listening Music

Best Alternatives Of Spotify

Who doesn’t like to enjoy music? Nearly every one of us have our own choice and taste of music. For some people music is a reason to relax, some listen to boost up their workout, some like groove with it and so on. So, there is music for everyone and for every mood.

It’s not wrong to say that, songs and music are our best companion. Although, there are plenty of music apps available nowadays, but Spotify is one the first name that comes to mind when we want to groove in tune.

No wonder, Spotify is one of the most popular digital music streaming platforms, with millions of songs available. Its because of its vast music library, playlists, albums, and podcasts. And it is accessible in both free and paid versions. But, you will not get most of the features in free version and you will also get plenty of commercials and skips, it may be stressful.

Additionally, Spotify covers a huge collection of the music that you can listen anytime, but that doesn’t imply you should use it by default. Furthermore, you may be unable to access Spotify since the firm has set regional limits. In such case, you will need to pay for another streaming services.

These pros and cons of Spotify can drive the user to seek other reliable alternatives.

The good news is that several alternative of Spotify that will allow you to listen to your favorite music. While Spotify offers the benefit of mobility, we’ll highlight several options that function just as well.

So, let’s look at the five best alternatives to Spotify for listening to music.

5 Best Alternatives Of Spotify You Must Try Out For Listening Music

1# YouTube Music:

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

YouTube, like Spotify, is a fantastic music tool that allows you to browse and explore music that suits your tastes effortlessly. If you utilize Google’s ecosystem of services or want to play songs on request, it’s an excellent Spotify substitute.

This music streaming service has a massive catalog of songs, albums, and bands from every category and time. YouTube Music offers an extensive music library but lacks some Spotify’s functionality. On YouTube Music, for instance, you can’t play any songs in shuffle mode.

YouTube Music is a terrific option if you want to listen to your favorite music without paying for an expensive membership.

It allows you to search for records, singles, live performances, remixes, and covers. When you don’t know the title of a track, you can browse the lyrics and identify them. It will also propose songs based on your preferences, region, and hour of the day.

The platform integrates nicely with other Google apps, such as Google Assistant. You can listen to tracks on YouTube Music or play music over the internet if you have an iOS device. But, you will not be able to play music through an Echo because the application does not operate with Alexa.

YouTube Music at a Glimpse:

  • Plenty of experimental music and exciting content,
  • With the “You Mix” engine, you can create an infinite number of playlists,
  • One of the most sophisticated customization algorithms on the market.

2# Deezer:


Spotify inspired Deezer, but it seems to accomplish several things better than its source of inspiration. The platform is top-rated in Europe and has extensive music collections in every region.

Deezer is a French-based Spotify rival with an excellent user experience. It enables you to play music, build and rate personalized playlists based on your preferences.

This music streaming service is as versatile as Spotify, permitting you to listen to their collection of gadgets ranging from desktop computers to smartwatches. Many music fans feel Deezer’s Smart Radio function is significantly superior to Spotify’s.

You may also make a list based on your recently played music. Deezer now has over 90 million pieces of music in its catalog, over 30K radio stations, and 16 million active users. You can browse all of them for free, but you’re limited to shuffle mode and can only skip six tracks every hour.

If you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you will no longer see advertisements and can listen to whatever you want with infinite skips.

Aside from listening to music, you may arrange your tracks by artist or genre and share your playlists and favorite songs with others. Additionally, you can even watch performances on the music videos!

Podcasts, audiobooks, and radio stations are also available through the platform. Its algorithm-driven playlists resemble those of Spotify. Deezer is available in over 185 countries, so most consumers should have no trouble accessing it.

Deezer at a Glimpse:

  • The Deezer collection has over 73 million songs,
  • Users may build bespoke radio stations and receive new tailored suggestions every day,
  • Expanding library of popular podcasts.

3# Amazon Music Unlimited:

Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited has massive benefits if you’re an Amazon Prime member. The Amazon Prime Membership comprises plenty of shopping benefits, access to Prime Video, Amazon music library, Alexa and its apps.

Existing Prime members will almost certainly find this the most cost-effective alternative if they wish to skip the commercials in Spotify’s free version. Amazon Music can be accessed via desktop app, Alexa-enabled speakers and devices, Amazon music app. It has an easy-to-use interface and an extensive music collection.

Amazon also has superior sound quality than Spotify for many tracks. Although, Amazon cannot compete with Spotify’s recommendation engine and lacks Apple Music’s live radio and rigorous human curation. Its native desktop software is likewise lacking. However, its mobile, and web versions are superior.

There are a few commercials here and there, but unlike Spotify, Amazon Music provides unlimited skips with free shuffles and a high-quality audio experience. Every day, the service adds fresh and revised podcasts to its library, allowing you to listen to additional content for free.

The best part is Amazon gives you 3 months free trail for Amazon music unlimited, so you can just sign up and try it out. After trial ends you will have to pay $9.99/month.

Amazon Music Unlimited at a Glimpse:

  • A wide range of search options makes it simple to find underground artists,
  • Streaming quality of up to 256 kbps, with the opportunity to increase to 850 kbps via Amazon Music HD,
  • Available in more than 45 countries.

4# Soundcloud:


Soundcloud is yet another best alternatives of Spotify that you will immediately fall in love with it. If you enjoy indie music collections, I don’t think I need to advise you to check out SoundCloud.

SoundCloud provides a beautiful music library that you can play and download. Let’s say you will have a free ticket to over 150 million tracks, most of which users upload. There are almost 130 million songs, podcasts, remixes, and covers.

It has several features, such as voice chat, live streaming, and virtual communities. If you’re skimming for a sense of community, SoundCloud is a no-brainer. With over 76 million active users, you’ll simply need the patience to unearth incredible musical treasures.

SoundCloud is not for you if you want to lean on an algorithm to seek what music you like. It permits you to share your music if you enjoy writing songs or composing music. The coolest thing is that you can get paid to upload your songs to SoundCloud!

Submit your music, listen to new artists before they become famous, provide feedback, and become a part of a vast music community. And, if you’re seeking fresh music and rap, SoundCloud is an excellent alternative to Spotify.

A basic account includes advertising, but with a $5 monthly subscription, you can remove them entirely. Furthermore, a premium subscription grants you access to over 30 million different music from major global labels.

SoundCloud at a Glimpse:

  • One of the world’s largest music collections,
  • A DJ engine that allows you to mix your songs,
  • Downloads are unlimited, and offline mode is available;
  • SoundCloud is available on Web, iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast, and Xbox One.

5# Apple Music:


It’s no coincidence that Apple Music is the most best alternatives of Spotify, at least in terms of paying customers. Apple, the creator of the iPod and the first firm to revolutionize music delivery, is in a rare position to compete with Spotify in the coming years.

Earlier, iTunes is one of the most popular app from Apple that is globally accepted by music lovers. As it just make syncing music library, playlists, purchases and music video playback across your Apple devices very easy. However, since macOS Catalina update, Apple Music App has now taken over the iTunes.

Apple Music has a content mix of over 50 million ad-free songs and audio or video playlists customized to your music preferences. Compared to Spotify, the music quality is cleaner, snappier, and more enjoyable.

While Apple Music is natively for Apple devices, however it is also available on Android smartphones, Windows PCs, and your favorite internet browser.

The intuitive interface is simple and effective, making it easy to maneuver. You may also download your favorite tunes to listen to them later, browse song lyrics, and listen to some exclusive music, such as the Beats 1 radio station.

Apple Music members, like Spotify subscribers, may build and share their playlists across social media. Apple Music features playlists for any circumstance, whether you need the most incredible music to dance to or some pleasant background sounds when studying late at night.

Furthermore, Apple Music works well with Apple Watch and Siri, and you can stream directly from a HomePod without any hassles. You may also configure the service on your computer or smartphone and enjoy music through your Bluetooth speaker.

Apple Music at a Glimpse:

  • Supports lossless audio for around 75 million songs
  • iOS mobile ecosystem is fully integrated with Siri
  • Curated playlists
  • A lengthy free trial period

To Wrap Up

Spotify has been a terrific music streaming service throughout the years. Still, it does have some drawbacks, such as the inability to play in the background while using other applications, the fact that it is only offered in certain regions, and the incapacity to download songs.

The alternatives mentioned above can adjust the shortcomings of Spotify but might have other issues regarding usage, quality, and services.

So, which of these choices do you prefer? Or do you have any other applications you recommend?

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