15 Best STEM Educational Robot Toys For Kids 2021

15 Best STEM Educational Robot Toys For Kids 2021

Give your kids a cool and interactive way to improve their STEM skills via some best educational robots toy for kids.

Being a parent, it is always difficult to introduce new concepts to kids. The exposure to the digital world at any early phase of a child may not always be fruitful. As these needs strict parental controls, security and safety. So, why not change the patterns of their playing and learning. This will not only help them be away from various naissance of the digital world. But also will let their minds flow in right direction, which will build their future and increase their skills.

Children’s are fond of robots, they love to own one. As they see their skills in various movies, so they are attracted to them. However, these seems to be unrealistic when the movie get finished. But, kids of the current generation to be aware that Robots are actually here. Although, its not currently as part of our households, but soon they will be.

Why A Robotic Toy?

Robots for kids will help your kid to have fun as well as learn through their incorporated learning patterns. Today, robot toys are not just which dances with press of a button or speaks some foreign language. But there several of best educational robot toys that uses skillsets, advanced coding and programming.

They help the kids to start utilizing their imaginative power to solve the puzzle, build something new and innovation. This way, the robot toy can help them develop their motor skills, coordination, thinking and creativity.

Many of the manufactures, also design robot toys with the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning patterns, which helps child to learn the concept of programming and coding. These are even best gifts for your child on their birthdays, Christmas or just to cheer them up. As robots can be your child’s companion everywhere.

So, if you are here to pick a best stem robot toy for your kid, then you are at a right track to build your child’s future.

15 Best STEM Educational Robot Toys For Kids 2021 RoundUp (May 2022 update)


Our Best Pick Robot Toy Age Features Get More Info
Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit Age 10+ This educational STEM robot toy that is suitable for kids enthusiast for coding and creating their own actions.
Vector Robot by Anki Age 5+ A fully interactive Robot with Alexa voice assistant. It helps child to discover new things.
LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Age 10+ Let your kid use their imagination and creativity to build and program new models.
Wonder Workshop Dash Age 6+ Its an educational robots for kids. Uses dash and Dot app to have fun and interactive session.
Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball Age 7 – 14  Its a STEM robotics kits with programmable sensors that help learning coding.
Ruko Smart Robots for Kids Age 4-9 Its Carle, a multifunctional robot with 102 actions in one program. It helps kids learn and expand their knowledge without getting bored.
4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit Age 4+ The kit helps building a real moving robot that runs fully on solar energy. It can help enhancing the mechanical skills. So, this can be a good option for educational robot for kids
WowWee Miposaur Robot Dinosaur Age 4+ Miposaur shows lots of gestures, motions and actions with its trackball. Kids can use command to have cool interaction with it.
WEDRAW Toddler Learning Educational Toys Age 3+ Its an interactive talking and drawing Robot that helps kids to learn about various things and draw.
Ozobot Bit Coding Robot Age 6+ Ozobot helps developing the basic coding skills with STEM learning. It uses two modes for coding via its app and the color coded marker that helps kids draw their own command.
Sphero Mini App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball Age 8+ Inspired with STEAM learning, it allows kids to create and code games. It offers free Sphero Edu app that can be used to create  drag and drop coding blocks, or writing JavaScript.
Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set Age 5+ Botley the coding robot comes with 77 pieces of activity set. It is best suited for the beginners.
Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot Age 7+ Artie has pre-programmed designs that lets kids to start coding right away.
Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit Age 8+ This kit comes with lots of components that can help them build their robot. It is a fun way to learn robot programming. Also, the mbot app has 60 engaging games to build programming skills.
Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot Age 5+ Miko can be the best companion of your kid that help it to learn and explore new things. It has voice activated AI tutor.

How to Choose a Perfect Robot Toys For Kids.

While, the above listed of 15 best educational robot toy is based on various age groups. But there are many other things you should consider before getting a one for your kid.

Suitable Age:

Firstly, it is important to check the suitable age for the child. It is the most crucial thing as oftentimes, child does not able to understand the full functionality of the educational robot toys. As in case it will just be showpiece. As we are discussing here about an educational robot, so its important before investing to such a thing. That your kid can take the most advantage of it. Rather than just using as play thing, these can help enhancing their logical, recognition, speech, motor skills and creativity.

Child Safety:

Second most important thing is to child safety, as toys contains small components that are not safe until your child is 3 years of age. So, again you should check if the toy is suitable for your child’s age. Small parts can be a chocking hazard for a toddlers. So, keep in mind the age factor while choosing robots for kids as it is directly proportional to the child safety.

Interest Of Your Child:

While most of the robot toys for kids listed here looks appealing. But you should consider the things that interests your child. Like is he/she is interesting in more to logical thinking, then you should go for Anki Vector Robot. If he/she is interested in coding then, go for mBot coding robot which is a programmable robot toy.

Similarly, if your kid is interested in mechanical and engineering then you should consider Lego Robot, or Sphero SPRK+, or  so on. Also, if your child is more keen to explore things then go for Miko, Ruko Robot and so.

Price Factor:

The prices of the educational robots depends upon its functionality, quality, manufacturer and usability. So, if are planning to buy best educational robots that actually helps steam learning and just not a play toy, then you may have to invest a little. But yes, the above list will give you various price options, and some of them is currently offering a good deal which you should not miss.

So, here checkout all the 15 best educational Robot Toys for kids 2021 and pick the best one for your kid.

15 Best Educational Robot Toys For Kids 2021

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit:

Age 10+
Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit
Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit is the best educational toy for your tech kid. As it has plenty of advanced features like intelligent EV3 Brick, 3 servo motors, plus color, touch and IR sensors. It is build with 601 pieces includes instruction for constructing 17 different robots. These robots will be fully functioned and based on STEM leaning. So, kids can code and program them for various actions like talk, walk, grab, shoot targets, play game and more.

This will take a child’s creativity to almost a high-level which may may never have expected. It will help increasing their coding, mechanical, engineering as well the coordination skills. You can connect it will free EV3 programmer app to control the actions of the Robot. A passionate kid about robots and coding will have fun and a most engaging sessions with this. While, its a bit costly, so you should consider this if your child is really fond of high-tech engineering and robotic skills.

Vector Robot by Anki

Age 5+
Vector Robot by Anki
Vector Robot by Anki

Vector is a home robot that is build with Qualcomm 200 platform, having captivate touch sensors. And is able to recognize voices, he understands commands, and navigate flawlessly without falling to any edges. It has vast of advanced features like beamforming 4 microphone that helps it to filter out the noises and understand the natural language. Vector Robot uses high-definition ultrawide angle camera which helps it to monitor the room, and see and recognize people around him. It is compatible to both iOS and Android device and uses free vector app for set up. Vector can self charge itself and hang around with you.

It is compatible to Alexa voice assistant, so you can use Vector for a number of activities, like talking, controlling smart home devices, showing dance moves. Kids can interact with Vector, improve their knowledge, play games, ask various information and help them to learn and explore things. Its a kind of cute little companion for your kid all day.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor: 

Age 10+

Lego Mindstorms Robot Invertor Kit is a best suited for child and youngsters too. It can be a best gift for a creative mind, as it comes with almost 1000 pieces. Kids will improve their STEM skills by building their own robots like Charlie, Tricky, Blast, M.V.P. and Gelo. The LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor App comes with instructions that helps kids build the robot from scratch. They can build models, code them, control with a remote for an action-packed shooting games.

It is advanced robot making kit that includes intelligent hub, 4 medium motors, color sensors and distance sensors. And the pieces are design are colorful and kids-friendly. Lego Robot making with family can be the part thing to have an engaged sessions. Also, it comes with rechargeable battery that is again a good thing about this. Its components are also with the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox, Droid Commander (75253) and others. So, bring the LEGO life home.

Wonder Workshop Dash:

Age 6+
Wonder Workshop Dot and Dash Robot
Wonder Workshop Dot and Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash has a very powerful and sturdy design, looks cute and have smooth and responsive sensors. It can avoid obstacles while moving and even go on slightly uneven surface. Its the best robot for beginners that can have fun learning coding, programming as well as with free 5 apps, that is compatible with a number of devices. You can visit the link below to gather more info about this.

The dash robot can help developing the STEM skills of kids aged 5-6 like “Wonder” app lets kids create actions of the dash via simple picture-based coding technique. With “GO” app kids will get to know about various components like sensors, sounds, movements and lights. This will help kid know all what Dash can do. Next, is the “Path” app which uses fun way to introduce programming and coding to kids.

While the apps “Path” and “Go” helps kids learn the problem solving, sequencing, thinking, reading and motor skills.

But the Blockly app will let kids aged 7-10 introduce the advanced concepts of coding with playful drag and drop components, puzzles and projects. The Dash Robot costs $150, however the Dash and Dot wonder workshop comes with plenty of accessories that are compatible the apps. Its a must checkout robot.

Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball: 

Age 7+
Sphero SPRK+ Robot Ball
Sphero SPRK+ Robot Ball

Sphero is a STEM educational Robot ball that helps kids learn JavaScript programming from scratch. It includes programmable LED sensors that kids can use to code, play and interact with the free Sphero Edu app. Its transparent model, gives kids a see thru robotic actions and a closer look to its components. Its hardware sensors includes gyroscope and accelerometer that allows kids to use it along with the coding bot.

Through the Sphero Edu app, kids can draw a maze or path and give commands to the SPRK+ robot ball to follow them. The kids of age 7+ can use the blocks coding technique to learn the logical skills, and advanced can use it to use to create their own JavaScript code. This Robot ball can help improving all the STEM skills. Although, the listing price of SPRK+ robot ball is $ 130, however, amazon is currently giving a good deal of $96.

Also, the Sphero has launched a new Sphero indi which is a car-shaped robot that can teach programming to kids.

Ruko Smart Robots for Kids:

Age 4+
Ruko Smart Robots For kids
Ruko Smart Robots For kids

Carle is a smart robot that can be controlled by app, remote and voice. It can perform a total of 102 actions. Also, it uses Bluetooth to act like a smart speaker that can tell kids stories, help them explore about new things. Carle has LED face, it looks strong and sturdy with a height of 15.8-inches. Kids can use its app to program various actions according to their age, and also give voice commands. It can show dance movies, show various emoji expressions and can be great companions for your kids.

The Ruko Smart Robot also have custom programming abilities, interactive controls using App or remote. Even the voice commands it follow are great for little kids. If you want your child to have improve its interactive skills and decrease its screen time, then this smart robot is best for you. The App lets to program a dance/song routine and the child can follow the moves. This will improve their programming, thinking, coding, and other STEM abilities. Even adults can have a great time interacting with Carle. While, it is usually priced for $200, however currently you can get Carle only for $150.

4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit: 

Age 4+
4M Green Science Solar Robot
4M Green Science Solar Robot

4M Green Science Solar Robot kit is a perfect combination of Science, engineering, mechanics and creativity. Kids can use this kit to build their own Robot that moves with solar energy and perform various real actions.

It can help kids challenger their minds and improve thinking. This can be a best gift for the kids that curious about science and creativity. It can be a fun, engaging and educational Robot toy that keeps their mind active. There are various other products by 4M that you can explore. It can also be a great starter kit as it comes with a cheap price of $20 only. However, for now you can get it only for .

WowWee Miposaur Robot Dinosaur:

Age 4+
WowWee Miposaur Robot Dinosaur
WowWee Miposaur Robot Dinosaur

This intelligent Miposaur robot dinosaur will never lose the sight of its trackball. Kids will love commanding this robot via hand gesture command recognition. Its a great tech toy for kids and beginners to learn the command and control gestures.

The Miposaur responds to hand gestures like clap, its trackball can gives a lots of control and actions. It comes with an app that is very user-friendly and allow kids to change its mood and its LED light will show different moods. It also makes sound accordingly. You can make the Miposaur feed, play, dance, chase its ball and move around by avoiding any obstacle. The Miposaur requires 4 AA Batteries, while its trackball needs 4 AAA battery. It may cost you $150, however you can find similar dinosaur robot for less, but if you don’t want to compromise with the quality, then it is the best.

WEDRAW Toddler Learning Educational Toys:

Age 3+
Wedraw Kids Preschool Learning Robot Toy
Wedraw Kids Preschool Learning Robot Toy

This is an amazing and highly recommended pre-school educational robot toy. It combines the robotics and flash cards to help kids learn various shapes, numbers, alphabets, letters, things and also explain the brief about them.

The Eggy Robot can recognize pictures on the flash card an then draw them, where kids can follow it too. Its a most fun and interesting way to make toddlers to learn. It can a friendly voice that guides kids and encourage them to learn and draw. It comes with two pens and USB charging, so you don’t need to keep stocking the batteries.

Eggy Robot will help kids develop the hand and eye contact, drawing skills, recognition, creativity, writing. puzzle solving, and motor skills. This can be best one if you are struggling with your toddler to introduce him writing.

It comes with three types of kits: starter, pre-school and genius kits, based on the materials. The starter kit costs $70. You can check more information about Wedraw toddler learning educational toys.

Ozobot Bit Coding Robot:

Age 6+
Bit Coding Robot
Bit Coding Robot

The Ozobot Bit Coding Robot features optical sensors, LED light, strong Polycarbonate shell lots of online activity library. Based on STEM learning, it helps develop early programming skills with either color-coded marker with lets your kid interact with the robot screen-free. And also the app advanced  programming editor, drag and drop to create bit code and allow the Robot to act according.

The Robot comes fully assembled with color code markers and stickers along. It can be a best gift for both boys and girls of age 5+, that help kids learn and develop STEM skills.

Sphero Mini App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball:

Age 8+
Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini is the best way to have fun and learn coding. With a size of like ping-pong ball, but yet driving powerful actions. It is featured with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights that exhibits plenty of different colors. With Sphero Play app, that works on iPad, Kids kindle Fire tablets and more. The robot comes with 3 traffic cones and 6 bowling pins, that lets kids play and build their own obstacle. The Sphero app gives a whole lots of learning, coding and gaming experience.

With basic code programming, kids can select for different drive modes, arcade games and program the mini robot ball with block-based coding. Intermediate kids can also write their own JavaScript code within the app. Your Sphero mini also comes with a how-to-resource guide for parents and a remote to control it. Although, it is not suitable for smaller kids because of its size, so if you have small kids of age less than 3 then you should go for the Sphero Bolt that is the bigger version of it. The mini costs just $50.

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set:

Age 5+
Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot
Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot

Botley, the coding robot with its fun activity set, is the best budget STEM programming toy for kids aged 5+. Its a good for moms who want a screen-free alternative for introducing the basics of coding to their child. Botley makes fun noises that keeps kids engaged and uses coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 obstacle building pieces and a starter guide with coding challenges. It also has a remote that itself is too cute like the Botley. Child can use the remote to send command to the robot let it perform various kinds of activities.

Botley can detect objects, follow loop commands, solves puzzles and avoid obstacles on its path. He even have lots of hidden features that kids can unlock with their logical and creative thinking. Botley comes ready to use, for which you need a 3 AAA batteries for Botley and 2 AAA for the remote programmer. And you kid can start coding with Botley right away. The list price of Botley kit is $80, however, with current deal you can get it for $49.

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot:

Age 7+
Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot
Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie 3000 is cute little coding robot is the finest combination of a fun and learn. It uses STEM learning concepts and lots of pre-programmed design that lets kids code the and Artie will follow them by drawing lines, solving puzzles and more. It includes four washable markers, activity cards and instructions. Artie has its built-in server that you can connect with your laptop or phone to learn code using drag & drop for beginners. And for advance coders kids can use its coding platform to learn Python and JavaScript.

Artie required 4 AA size batteries to start.



Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit:

Makeblock mBot Coding Robot
Makeblock mBot Coding Robot

Its a super cool robot building kit with Arduino for kids high-tech kids. Undoubtedly, it is strong and sturdy due to its metal body, that suits older kids and even youngest. It helps developing various skills including mechanical,  electronics, robotics, programming, and coding with an interactive app. Kids can build their own robot using the parts via a screwdriver and code them.

When not coding, the mBot can simply become a remote control car that kids will love to have. As comes with IR remote that lets has 3 pre-defined modules. Else, kids can use Bluetooth connectivity to control the robot.

It helps learning code from scratch via its drag & drop app modules. The mBot comes with 60 programming tasks and games. Also, with mBlock platform kids can start learning Arduino coding.

So, its not just a robot, but it actually helps increase a child’s creativity and pushing with to learn and share their work with groups and communities with the Makeblock platform.

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot:

Age5 -10 years
Miko 2
Miko 2 Educational Robots For Kids

Miko 2 is not only adorable robot but it has lots of educational features that can help your kids engaged in fun learning. It has a built-in tutor with voice assistant Miko and Alexa. It has emotional sensors and touch sensors to recognize people and interacts with the child according to its mood. Best feature of Miko 2 it the “TeleConnect” that lets parents quickly connect with their kids via video call directly on Miko 2.

Miko’s app has parental control to manage kids contents. And its app library also includes plenty of  STEM learning and fun games. Kids can also use Mikode app for programming. Miko 2 can have a natural conversation, help kids with their homework, make them learn and explore new things. Additionally, the cute robot can play music, dance, tell stories, riddles, rhymes, fun-facts. And for the party mood, it can do moonwalk with you.

So, there were the 15 Best STEM Educational Robot Toys For Kids 2021 .

Wait, there’s more!!!

Along with the above list, we got some new update to our Best STEM Educational Robot Toy.

Bittle Robotic Dog by Petoi

Suitable for adults and children over the ages of 12.
Bittle Robotic Dog
Bittle Robotic Dog

Bittle is a pre-assembled, intelligent and AI based robot dog that has built-in action. So, you can start interacting right out of box with remote control. Its a great choice for both beginners and experienced programmers. As one can begin with block-based coding or learn advance programming with Arduino IDE,  C++/Python and sensors. You can program individual joint actions via mobile app and enhance STEM learning like physics, engineering skills and problem solving abilities.

Also, Bittle is supported by OpenCat, an open-source quadruped robot framework that lets you to build, program, create and add your own modules. Its also supported with a strong and active community that is a great way to interact with like-minded people.


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