10 Best Productivity SetApp Apps For Mac You Must Try

10 Best Productivity SetApp Apps For Mac

If you are a Mac user, then you may wonder always how to improve your productivity. Whether you are a college student that use Macs for various projects, or using it for your work. There are various productivity tools and apps that can actually save your time for routine works, and eventually increase your productivity.

Productivity apps for Mac will help you to do more in less time as well as improve focus on tasks. So you feel less bored or tired and enjoy working on your Mac.

Whenever we talk about productivity tools or apps for Mac, the cost for their subscriptions always comes to our mind. Will, it be worth spending $10 to $50 for productivity apps for Mac?

But what if you just have to spend $9.99 monthly to access around 230+ Mac apps? Yes, that’s what “Setapp” is all about.

What is Setapp?

Setapp is an all-one comprehensive suit that has more than 230+ apps curated for Mac users. Whether you are a programmer, musician, blogger, designer or photographer, there are plenty of apps that lets you code, automate emails, streamline repetitive actions, create-to-do lists, remainders, manage clipboard and so on. Setapp lets you accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently.

The best part is Setapp lets you choose an app based on your task, or you don’t even need to worry about knowing the exact name of the app. You can just search for “write a code”, and it will bring the exact app matching your task. The Setapp allows free trial of 7 days for all its apps, after which you can get the subscription.

With a suit of 230+ apps curated in one subscription, here we are going to list 10 best productivity Setapp apps for Mac.

10 Best Productivity Setapp Apps For Mac You Must Try

To achieve productivity, you need to automate your tasks, actions and workflow. While Mac OS already have features to create shortcuts, automate tasks, and so on. But still there are always a need to proactive feature that takes productivity level at a higher pace.

So, in this list of productivity apps for Mac we will round up 10 apps for managing workspace, writing, focusing, email automation, and many more.

1# Workspaces:

Workspaces via Setapp
Workspaces via Setapp

Workspaces lets you organize all the resources required for a project at one place like webpages, emails, applications, documents, and more. So, whenever you start working on your project, you can access all the resources quickly. You can create your custom workspace, save all the relevant documents and files, so you never have to waste your time for searching them around.

Workspaces app has lots of additional features that will truly improve your productivity like automatic launch, quick switching between tasks, adding custom commands and plugins and many more. Try Workspaces app free for 7 days by signing to Setapp.

2# 2Do:

2Do via Setapp
2Do via Setapp

Its one of the widely used app among Mac users as it helps in scheduling tasks and reminders with ease. 2Do can be your comprehensive time management tool that lets you organize your tasks based on daily or weekly basis. You can even add plenty of details to the tasks and remainders like contact information, location, color-coded categories, and more.

It offers plenty of tools and options like custom groups for business and personal, abundant shortcuts and designated hotkeys that can be easily customized for both mouse and keyboard. As well as easy searching and tagging options that makes multiple tasks break into simpler ones. The management app will pop-up a notification and an audio alarm on your Mac desktop, so you will never miss any action or task. Thus, it help users to stay productive and organized.

The 2Do task manager app for Mac is safe and secure and also provides automatic cloud backups and password protection feature to keep data safe. Although, 2Do app costs you $49, but with Setapp subscription model you will use it with just $9.99 along with other 230+ Mac apps. The app also works for iPhone.

3# Paste:

Paste App via Setapp
Paste App via Setapp

This app will significantly improve your workflow, as it boosts the copy-paste work, which becomes annoying at times. This clipboard manager lets you select multiple items to perform your copy and paste tasks. It is indeed a powerful clipboard history manager that keeps all your copied data like text, pictures, screenshots, links and so on and offers intelligent searching. So, you never lose your copied data and get them quickly whenever you want them. This app can truly be useful for writers, photographers, coders and more.

Best part is, the Paste app can easily be synced through all your devices and can be accessed in a well-structured manner.

4# Ulysses:

Ulysses App via Setapp
Ulysses App via Setapp

If you are a writer, content creator or author, then Ulysses is a must have app for you. As it offers a distraction free platform to write and publish your contents to various platforms like Medium, WordPress and more. Its focus-mode is most loved by the writers that offers in-depth writing, text formatting based on markups like headlines, footnotes, and other elements. You can even use keystrokes to easily format the writings.

The app has a very clean user interface and easily syncs with the iCloud drive. Although, the Ulysses app alone costs $4.99/month or $39.99/year. However, with Setapp subscription its the best to avail it with other 230+ Mac apps with single subscription.

5# BetterTouchTool:

BetterTouchTool App via Setapp
BetterTouchTool App via Setapp

BetterTouchTool helps extending the default capabilities of Mac and its devices like trackpad, Magic Mouse, regular mouse, keyboard, Touch Bar, iPhone or iPad (with BTT Remote). You can also configure actions to Siri and Apple Remote that triggers precisely. So, whether it is mouse gestures, shortcuts, widgets and more, the BTT app lets you control all actions from one place. Additionally, you can specify which apps should trigger the action sequences and disable the ones you don’t need.

Indeed, this app opens multiple possibilities that enables you to take full capability of your workspace. Also, this tool includes built-in clipboard manager as well as a powerful screenshot tool, so you don’t need two separate apps for them. Its one of the best productivity Setapp apps for Mac you must try with single subscription.

6# Focus:

Focus App via Setapp
Focus App via Setapp

To maximum productivity, it is very important to stay focused. As it is very easy to get distracted by a number of things while you are online. Just imagine, you have a deadline to complete your task, and in the middle an alert from Facebook, Instagram or other website pops up. It normally happens to all of us, as a 5 minutes break extends to half an hour.

So, Focus app will never let you lose your focus by blocking distracting apps and specific websites according to your time window. The app creates an ideal workspace by allowing you to schedule your break times, target blocking of specific websites, progress tracker and customizable quotes that keep you stay focused.

7# Dropzone:

Dropzone App via Setapp
Dropzone App via Setapp

Dropzone app helps streamlining your everyday tasks. You can simply add your frequently used tasks to the Dropzone interface. You can take advantage of this app to perform bulk actions like file compression, URL shorteners, quick downloading YouTube videos and even uploading your files via FTP or Amazon S3. Simply add your applications, files, folders and actions to the grid area, so you don’t have to use your dock or launchpad again and again.

Create shortcuts to quickly perform an action and even move, copy and share files instantly across other devices. It also allows you to run custom scripts to trigger everyday actions, thus saving your time for the repetitive works.

8# DCommander:

DCommander via Setapp
DCommander via Setapp

DCommander is a powerful file manager tool that allows fastest transfer of files from source to destination. Its dual-panel interface makes copying files much easier and transparent. From simple file transfer to quick batch operations, this app can easily handle high volume file transfer at once. Also, it has advanced features like HEX viewer, checksums, and in-depth file information that makes file transfer convenient and fast.

Not only that, the app also allows easy setup of outside storage and servers. So, you can easily connect to FTP or SCP drives, preview files and transfer quickly.

9# One Switch:

One Switch via Setapp
One Switch via Setapp

One Switch is an app that can help you quickly tweaking specific settings. For example, switching to dark mode, Bluetooth devices, Do Not Disturb mode, hide and show desktop icons and various others. It also helps in accessing features for which you always need to open System preferences, network, Connections and so on.

With One Switch you can easily configure which settings you need to have right on your menu bar. Thus, helping you to save you time and stay more organized and focused on your productivity.

10# Pagico:

Pagico via Setapp
Pagico via Setapp

Pagico is one of the most productive app that lets you organize all your tasks, files, projects, contacts , notes and so many things at one place. It also allows you to collaborate with teams over the cloud or simply work offline. It organizes the project or client data in an interactive timeline that helps keep track of the workflow and instantly access files, contacts, daily tasks and so on.

You can get Pagico and 100+ best productivity Mac apps with Setapp subscription.

The Bottom Line:

Besides these 10 best productivity SetApp apps for Mac, you can also try around 160+ apps of various categories like lifestyle, finance, Mac Hacks, Security, developer tools, maintenance and so on. Also, the Setapp subscription includes the most demanding products like CleanMyMac X, ClearVPN, Gemini and so on. So, take the 7 days trial of the Setapp which allows testing of all these above mentioned apps, plus lots more.



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