10 Best BPA Free Water Bottles For Kids Aged 3+.

Best BPA Free Water Bottles For Kids

Its a known fact that right amount of water consumption is very much important in the growing age. So, when comes to health of our kids, its very important that we choose the correct water bottles for them. As this concerns the health of your child, its important to choose it wisely, like the material, quality, easy drinking access, size, and BPA-free so on.

So, before heading towards our main topic of discussing the 10 best BPA Free water bottles for Kids, its better to about what is BPA and why you should buy one.

What Is BPA?

BPA is a short name for a chemical compound known as Bisphenol-A. This compound is mainly used in the manufacturing process of plastic and resin materials, like water bottles, food storage containers and so on. Experts say that, while consuming BPA in minimal amount is not really harmful for our body, but continuous consumption may lead to several health hazards. Like: loss of memory, depression, asthma, slow learning, less cognitive function, eroded teeth and so on.

Why You Should Buy BPA free Water Bottles?

BPA-free water bottles are good for both our health as well as the environment. Because, it is made up of reusable plastic material that lasts longer. And hence you do not need to change it frequently or throw it after drinking.

Now, as the BPA-free water bottles are manufactured with less toxic chemicals that contains less carbon footprint. So, it is also more environment friendly than the normal plastic bottles. Thus, by choosing a BPA-free water bottle for your kid you are preventing them from the harms that can cause due to consuming higher BPA.

Although, you will find plenty of options for BPA-free bottles for kids, but here we will be listing only the ones with best ones.

10 Best BPA Free Water Bottles For Kids Aged 3+.

1# YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle with Straw Cap:

YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle with Straw Cap
YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle with Straw Cap

Its a double-walled vacuum insulated bottle that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. The bottle is made up of 18/8 stainless steel that can withstand dents and drops, as well as it is BPA free so your kid can safety take sips from it. If you are looking for best BPA free water bottle then this should be your first choice, as it offers ease of usage with straw cap, insulated and easy to clean manually as well as using dishwasher. It comes in variety of attractive colors like Seaform, Canyon Red, Chartreuse, King Crab and more. The list price of Yeti Rambler Jr. is $29.68, but currently it is 16% off on Amazon, so you can get it for $25.

2# Contigo Gizmo Sip kids’ drinking bottle:

Contigo Gizmo Sip kids’ drinking bottle
Contigo Gizmo Sip kids’ drinking bottle

The Gizmo Sip bottles for kids are nice and sturdy, with a quick push mechanism to access the sprout. It is made up of BPA free material that is safe for kids. This spill-proof bottle is perfect for kids who are moving on from sippy cups but yet to handle the spills. It is super easy to clean manually as well as compatible with the top-rack dishwasher. The liquid holding capacity of this bottle is 14oz and it is lightweight itself that makes it easy to carry even for kids aged 3+. The price of the bottle is

3# CamelBak Eddy+ 14oz BPA-Free Water Bottle with Straw for kids: 

CamelBak Eddy+ 14oz BPA-Free Water Bottle with Straw for kids
CamelBak Eddy+ 14oz BPA-Free Water Bottle with Straw for kids

The 14oz BPA-free water bottle from camelbak is super cute and have great designs that will be quickly loved by the kids. It is light weight and has a handle that makes it easy to carry. The bottle does not leaks when it is closed and also does not spills the water out when you open it. CamelBak Eddy+ is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. It comes with a straw that is best for the kids aged between 4-6 and as well as you can open the lid consume the water directly from the vessel.

The bottle lacks the water level marking and there are small holes and areas that may seem tough to clean. So better have small brushes to clean it properly. Depending upon the design the price ranges from $18 to $22.

4# Zak Designs 15.5oz Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle with Flip-up Straw Spout:

Zak 15.5oz Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle
Zak Designs 15.5oz Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle is one of the best BPA free water bottles for kids. It comes in kids favorite paw patrol collection including Chase, Marshall, Rubble & Skye. The Zak Designs water bottles are made of single-walled durable stainless steel that is break resistant and BPA-free. It holds 15.5 ounces of water that can be operated single handedly with a push of a button. The spout easily pops up and allows easy flow of water, so kids can easily drink it. The built-in loop makes it easy to carry on camping, preschools, daycare and schools. So, if you want a durable water bottle for your kid then you can go for it, especially if your kid is a Marshall fan.

5# Ion8 Kid’s One Touch On-The-Go Leakproof and BPA-Free 12 oz / 350 ml Water Bottle:

Ion8 Kid's One Touch On-The-Go Leakproof and BPA-Free 12 oz
Ion8 Kid’s One Touch On-The-Go Leakproof and BPA-Free 12 oz

It is made of non-toxic TRITAN material containing bio-mass that reduces the carbon footprint and is safe for kids. The Ion8 kid’s bottle is easy to open with a single click and use on the go. Its has an off-center spout that lets the water flow with minimal tilt. It is leakproof and can easily be kept of kids backpack and within the cup holder of the car. It also has a loop that lets the kids to carry it around.

Although, you can choose from variety of cute prints, but they may start to rub off after few months of usage. You can get this BPA-free water bottle for kids on Amazon from $14.99.

6# IRON °FLASK Kids Water Bottle:

IRON °FLASK Kids Water Bottle
IRON °FLASK Kids Water Bottle

This water bottle from Iron Flask is super cute as it comes in 20 different colors and designs. It is made up of double-walled insulated stainless steel that can keep the liquid cool for about 14 hours. So, kids can easily take it to school, picnic, camping, swimming and other activities. Both the cup and the lid is BPA free and is rust proof, so you won’t feel the rusty smell or taste. The Iron Flask water bottle also gives you an extra straw and name stickers to customize it. It comes in two different sizes, 10 and 14oz, so you can select based on your child drinking patterns. Best part is, it is leak proof, so definitely it can be one of your choice. One thing you need to know that it is not dishwash safe.

7# Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids Water Bottle:

Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids Water Bottle
Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids Water Bottle

This 12oz insulated stainless steel bottle is perfect replacement for sippy cups. It keeps the kids refreshed without the change in taste or smell of the liquid. If you kid loves to drink juice and other cold drinks, then you can relay on this Hydro Flask, as it keeps cold things cold for upto 24 hours. The bottle has the perfect size that can be easily kept in the backpack and its unique powder coat finish gives the child enough grip to hold it. Additionally, it has a silicone flex boot that adds extra protection to the bottle.  This bottle from Hydro Flask is dishwasher safe and BPA free, so don’t need to replace it quickly.

It’s a great choice for kids starting to learn drinking habits from their own. You can also choose Hyrdo Flask Insulated Lunch Box to compliment along with the bottle. This 12oz insulated water bottle for kids will cost you $29.95.

8# OLDLEY 15 oz Unbreakable Leak-Proof And BPA-Free Water Bottles with Time Marker: 

OLDLEY 15 oz Water Bottles For kids
OLDLEY 15 oz Water Bottles For kids

The best thing of this bottle is, it is unbreakable. So you don’t need to bother about the drops and falls. Next good thing about this is its straw Chug lid cover that keeps the spout safe from germs. It comes with 2 lids, one for normal water drinking and another is the juice infuser. The OLDLEY has made this bottle with plenty of other unique features like time marker to keep track of the drinking, secure lock mechanism and one-touch push button to open the outer lid and a soft carrying loop.

It has an ergonomic shape to hold the bottle perfectly and fits in most of the car’s cup holders, backpacks and stores 15oz of water to keep kids hydrated for quite a long time. The bottle comes with a food-grade silicone bite-valve straw lid, a chug lid, a fruit or ice filter, a cleaner brush for the straw and bite valve. It is recommended for hand wash only. The regular price of this water bottle is $17.99, however you can get it now for $14.39. It also comes in 12oz, 64oz and 128oz sizes.

9# ZULU Torque 12oz Kids Tritan Plastic Water Bottle With Silicone Sleeve:

ZULU Torque 12oz Kids Tritan Plastic Water Bottle
ZULU Torque 12oz Kids Tritan Plastic Water Bottle

Zulu water bottles for kids has a unique look that comes with a silicon sleeve for good grip and protection against falls. It has a liquid holding capacity of 12oz with a food grade soft silicon straw that don’t hurt the lips or mouth of kids. The ZULU uses secure flip lock lid that open with one push button and its leak proof. All the parts of the bottle is made of BPA free and Phthalates free materials that lasts long. Its dishwasher safe.

10# Contigo AutoSeal Trekker Kids Water Bottle:

Contigo AutoSeal Trekker Kids Water Bottle
Contigo AutoSeal Trekker Kids Water Bottle

The Contigo Trekker holds 14oz of liquid that is perfect for kids aged 3 and above. It has one-touch auto seal button, which you need to push and the water will easily flow from the little opening. This BPA free button is leak proof and fits easily in lunch boxes, car cup holders and backpacks. Trekker water bottles offers mess free drinking, so kids can take it to school, piano or soccer classes. It is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to bother with the manual cleaning. You can choose different color combinations of pack of two for $17.99.

What To Look Before Choosing A Water Bottle For Kids?

Choosing a perfect water bottle for your kid can be a time taking task. As you need to check out various things from material to ease of cleaning and child’s needs.


The very first thing, we need to take care of while choosing water bottle for the kids is the material. Most commonly bottles comes in plastic, stainless steel and glass material. However, plastic is the easiest choice as they don’t add on much weight to the bottle after pouring the liquid and they are also easy to clean. But while going for plastic bottle, you should choose the one with higher quality reusable plastic material, BPA free, Phthalates and free from other toxic materials.

When comes to Stainless steel, they are much durable than plastic bottles. They should be food good safe, double-walled insulated if you want to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Otherwise single-walled stainless steel is also good.


Depending upon your child’s drinking habits and age you should choose the bottle shape and size that their little hands can hold independently.

Kids under the age of 1 year needs approximately 4 to 8 oz of water per day. While kids aged 1-3 years old need to around 4 cups of liquid including water, milk and juice (limited amount). So, estimating the age of your child, you should pick up a 10oz water bottle if your kid is under the age of one. Above the age of 1, you can choose from 10 to 16oz of bottle.

Ease Of Usage:

It is very important that the child should learn to independently open the bottle and consume the water. So, for toddlers and young kids, it is better to opt for a soft straw styles water bottle, so they can manage the drinking by themselves. Like Contigo Gizmo Sip kids’ drinking bottle is perfect for the kids moving from sippy cups to bottles.

For older kids from aged 4, you can opt for straw-less or spoutless or have a small hole to access the water directly are also good. As they are capable enough to flip open the lid or push the button to access the spout, even they can open the cover/lid to access the water directly.

Other factors need to be consider is the cleaning. If the bottle has less complicated or tiny parts, it will take less time in cleaning. So, better opt for more clean design which can be washed with hands also apart from dishwasher safe.

Hope this piece of information on best BPA free water bottles for kids will help you choosing the best one for your kid.


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